Vehicle emissions analysis system based on OBD

Company is based on vehicle OBD diagnostic tool instrument analysis system for integrated development of vehicle emissions OBEAS1000 development success and into the changan ford application formally.
The system design is mainly based on the German high-precision automotive exhaust gas analyzer and OBDII CAN – BUS car diagnostic technology, software development to system integration technology, to realize real-time concentration test actual road vehicle emissions of CO, NOx, HC, CO2, O2, Lambda, RPM, VSS, acceleration, MAP, MAF, ECT, ATP and IAT, LOAT_PCT, SPARKADV for continuous real-time monitoring parameters, such as, used to establish a more precise motor vehicle emission factor and the model service. This system is suitable for the following applications:
1, large spark ignition engine cars aren’t on the chassis dynamometer test or the poor repeatability of experimental results, the error big occasions;
2, large spark ignition engine in the through type approval, after installed on different vehicles, the emissions cannot reflect the actual situation;
3, build vehicle real road emission inventory data and identify the assessment model of pollutants movement mode and pollution, and can be used to assess traffic patterns for the contribution rate of pollutant emission;
4, working condition of spark ignition engine cars actual road tests;
5, engineering vehicles, locomotives, ships, aircraft, etc. Test;
6, catalyst and particle capture test.

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