To understand the working principle of OBD car decoder

Now car obd2 decoder on the Internet become more and more popular a kind of mechanics, automobile products but car decoder if not properly used, may be criminals a means of making a profit. Currently sales on the network is more and more car decoder, but like all technology mall through legitimate business channels to sale or less. So, remind our sales car decoder website should be on the identity of the buyer for identification. Ensure that sales can legal compliance.
For example, a few days ago some owners when parking confirmed with remote control locks the door, but found that the door is not locked, when he came back and car property has been lost. Originally, suspects in advance waiting near the parking lot, closed the door, when drivers use remote control with electronic jammers in secret signal interference, make its shutdown is invalid, after waiting for owners go far, taken advantage of the theft of the vehicle property. So here we interviewed vientiane mall technology related technical personnel, according to the working principle of car decoder, make your car safer.
Start with the first sense of the OBD2 decoder, car decoder is also called the auto fault diagnosis instrument, hyundai motor is controlled by the computer work, if there is a fault which electronic control system, the electric control system of the control computer will store the fault memory, using this instrument test will read out the fault memory, in order to ensure the rapid and accurate malfunction and maintenance. Car decoder is a professional auto repair, auto detection tools. Automotive fault detector in addition to providing detection fault code and clear fault codes, data flow, component testing, and maintenance lamp to zero, to read the computer version, the basic set, match, adjustments, and even car fault diagnosis process and circuit data (such as Benz, BMW dedicated detector), provides a wide range of convenience for car maintenance. And part of the decoder with the function of oscilloscope, which provide engine working parameter more accurately, if you are familiar with the standard waveform data with actual waveform data analysis, so that the maintenance work more accurate and quick. Car decoder has used network upgrades, and even car dictionary, customer files management etc. Function. This sense of auto fault detector, in view of the automobile engine fault or maintenance. In another sense is mainly for door control car decoder. Also called car central intercepting decoder. Mainly used in automobile matched on the remote control and test maintenance. Or called auto remote intercepting decoder. Under the condition of the car key lost or damaged, to match the maintenance car remote control. Long seen above the market at present there are 66 yards automotive remote intercepting decoder and a 89 – bit code intercepting decoder.
Decoder to see what corresponds to cars, different cars for different plug, the market is the OBD2 and OBD2 CAN plug more, choose the right plug, find the vehicle diagnostic plug (most commonly in the left and right side below the steering wheel) and then enter the system, how to do need to see inside operation manual, not every kind of testing instrument operation are all the same, but different brand in the diagnosis of the operation of the instrument display is different also, need to select the right model, and medicine to enter the system, some more intuitive see will understand what is ABS gasbag engine control system and so on, for example, some problems such as the needs of the mass series remember channel number, manual, of course, it also has indicated, these all need you understanding of cars and the understanding of the diagnosis instrument CAN do it, and will not use diagnostic instrument.
Although auto bug is not common technical equipment, but we still need to know some, so that their cars safer.