How to calibrate steering angle sensor with BMW V1.4.0 OBD II scanner

Here is the detail instruction on recode or re-calibrate BMW E46 steering angle sensor with BMW V1.4.0 PA-Soft diagnostic scan tool.

BMW V1.4.0 OBD II scanner
A laptop running Windows XP or Windows 7 home

Vehicle VIN is required during the procedure.

1) Install BMW V1.4.0 PA-soft software, you may find some clues in this thread!-how-to-install-the-proper-driver-for-PA-Soft-BMW-scanner-1-4-0
2) Connect BMW V1.4.0 diagnostic interface with vehicle via OBD port
3) Come to main function menu and find out “LEW” option to open the LEW program
4) Select “Reprogramming”
5) Click “Write ADFG” on the Reprogramming menu
6) Enter “00XXXX” (the last 4 digits of your vehicle VIN), press “OK”
7) When complete communication, click “Read EEPROM”
8) Edit the values ??highlighted in the picture below

BMW V1.4.0 steering angle sensor

9) Use a hex to anis converter for 2 letters
Check the values ??highlighted red color in the image “20 45 31 4A 4C”
These values ??can be translated into the last 7 digits of your vehicle VIN:

4C in hex converts to the letter L
4A in hex converts to the letter J
31, 45, 20 are the last 7 digits of the VIN LJ31452
Change for your VIN

10) Click “Save” button to save settings
11) Click “Write EEPROM”
12) Erase all error codes in LEW and ABS program after complete precious procedures.
13) Back to main function menu or exit the PA-SOFT software program.

You can get good quality BMW PA-SOFT OBD scan tool with cheap price, like this one cheap $ 23 in aobd2shop.

IKEYCUTTER Condor XC-007 key cutting machine Tech Support

Q: When install update tool, the system warns can not find FTD2XX.dll file?
A: You have to install the software driver first.

Q: How can I access into “Factory Mode”?
A: Power off the XC-007 key cutting machine Press both the right up button and left up button at the same time, and then click the “Factory Mode” button on the right bottom corner..

Q: How to install XC007 key cutting software driver?
A: 1) Download software driver ( driver) and unzip it
2) Connect Condor XC-007 main device with computer via USB cable, power up the device
3) Wait the system to find the new driver. Save file to certain folder and install the driver.

Q: How to update XC-007 Condor software?
A: Download software update tool and follow the system prompts.
Free download Condor XC-007 software here: Ikeycutter Condor XC-007 Free Download & Service (hyperlinks)

Q: How can I know when to update XC-007 software?
A:. Run software update tool, it will display the newest software version and update notice Check the current software version in XC-007 main program.

Q: Must I update the XC-007 software to latest version?
A: Run update tool and check the new function added in new version If the new functions meet your need or helps fix some problem, run software update..

Q: How to calibrate XC-007 touch screen?
A: Touch anywhere on touch screen, power on the device, followed by clicking the cross center.

Q: What’s the difference between “Direct processing” and “Start processing”?
A: “Direct Processing”: – process the key directly according to the teeth depth directly without any modification If the original key is broken, the new keys will be broken as well..

“Start processing”: – according to the tooth depth to calculate the nearest standard tooth depth, and then use the repaired standard teeth to process, it is helpful for repairing worn keys.

Q: When do I need to do “ATC height leveling”?
A: You need to do “ATC height leveling” every time you got the cutter or probe replaced.

Q: When do I need to do “X1, X2 clamp initialization”?
A: X1, X2 clamp should be initialized only once when you get the XC007 key cutting machine You can do it again if you feel it is not correct..

Q: When using the X3 clamp to cutting key, why it is out of use when the probe encountered the clamp?
A: The problem main due to the low the cutter or the probe height Increase the height of the cutter and probe and then do “Cutter probe height leveling” after raising height..

Q: How to calibrate if the cutting key overall shifts horizontally?
A: 1): Re-start X1 and X2 initialization
2): Enter “Factory Mode”, do the “Duel probe calibration” (or “Cutting Calibration”)
3): Cut TOY43, full No. 1 tooth
4): Enter into the “Factory Mode”, follow the prompts to adjust PDx parameters slightly.

Q: How to calibrate the cutting key if the key Z-axis deviation goes wrong?
A: 1): Install X1 clamp, enter into the “Device initialization” to do “Cutter probe height leveling”.
2): Enter “Device initialization” to do “X1 Initialization”
3): Install X2 clamp, enter “Device initialization” to do “X2 Initialization”

Q: The key groove width milling out wrong?
A: If the width is narrow, decrease Dm in “Factory Mode”; if the width is wide, increase Dm in “Factory Mode”.

Q: What should I enter after get the Peugeot, Citroen code?
A: 1) Enter into the database, all input
2) If not, enter into the database, enter the last 6 number of the code
3) If not, enter into the database, enter the middle 6 number and add 1 number, like: XX1XXXX

Q: What’s the corresponding teeth number of Japanese car INSY?
A: Japanese
I = ichi = 1
N = ni = 2
S = san = 3
Y = yon = 4

Q: When carry out duel probe calibration, the system warns “more than 30 Alice” how to do?
A: Replace the cutter into probe, you need to install 2 probes when do Duel probe calibration.

How to get GM Cruze security code with X100 + key programmer

X100 + Plus key programmer supports multi-function: vehicle identification, read / erase error codes, key programming, ECU programming for parts of vehicles, reading vehicle security code from vehicle immobilizer memory etc. Aobd2shop here takes an example of getting GM Cruze security code with X100 +.

Connect X100 + / X100 plus auto key programmer with vehicle via OBD II socket
Power up the device to come to the main menu
Select vehicle Makers

X100 + GM security code 1
Select vehicle region: America

X100 + GM security code 2
Select vehicle manufacturer: GM

X100 + GM security code 3
The system is loading bin.
There are two options under GM menu
–Read Security code
–Immo / Remote
Select Read security code (first option)

X100 + GM security code 4
Turn ignition to ON position
Select vehicle make / model: CHEVEOLET

X100 + GM security code 5
Select specific vehicle model: Cruze

X100 + GM security code 6
The system then will display the Cruze security code

X100 + GM security code 7
Back to the X100 + key programmer main interface to program a key GM key. Follow the system notice.

Toyota MVCI TIS Techstream + JLR Mangoose SDD + Volvo Vida dice 3 in 1

Toyota MVCI TIS Techstream cable, JLR Mangoose SDD cable for Jaguar and Landrover, mangoose Volvo Vida dice diagnostic cable are the three powerful and affordable OBD?diagnostic tool that fits lots of car owner’s need.

Aobd2shop now newly launches Toyota MVCI TIS Techstream (share the same software with MINI VCI) plus JLR Mangoose SDD and Volvo Vida dice 3 in 1 OBD?diagnostic cable.

Software version:

Toyota MVCI TIS Techstream software version: V9.30.002
JLR Mangoose SDD software version: V138
JLR Mangoose for Volvo Vida dice software version: 2013D

Support vehicle model and year:

JLR mangoose SDD: support Jaguar and Land Rover from 2005-2014
Toyota MVCI TIS TechStream: support Toyota from 1996-2014
Mangoose for Volvo Vida dice: support Volvo from 1996-2013

Computer operating system: Windows XP O / S

Function & Feature:

Basic diagnostic function, like read faults codes, clear faults, display live data etc
Active tests
Utility tests
High performance with ARM CPU inside
High reliability products using SMD chip, and certified by CE and FCC.
Access multi-system, like engine, electrical system, power transmission, brake etc

3 in 1 cable package:

1pc x VOLVO JLR Mangoose MVCI 3 IN 1 Cable
3pc x CD Driver

JLR Mangoose

The cable now is available in aobd2shop for an unbeatable price: US $ 55.

Solved Acura TL Check Engine Light On with Honda HDS HIM

My 2010 Honda Acura TL broke down last Sunday when I was about to pick up my daughter from a local middle school.


There is no any sign to indicate that check engine light turned on, it could be a serious problem with my Acura. I was afraid if I continually drove to the nearby garage to get repaired, which might damage my engine.

Under such situation, I decided to borrow from Jack a compatible Honda diagnostic tool. 15 minutes later after I gave him a call, he brought his new buying Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool.

Well, as an Acura owner, it was almost impossible not to have heard about the tool. At first, I was worried whether I could handle the tool or not since I had never used one before. Jack said, diagnosing a vehicle problem is not a matter of fixing it or not, it was basically having access to a handy tool, and Honda HDS was the one.

The tool is quite easy to use. After entering the VIN number and fill other blanks with my vehicle information, the device started to troubleshoot problem. My car rebooted after I erased the error codes.

Newest VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool 3 IN 1

Newly launched 2015 VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool Support TOYOTA / HONDA / LandRover / Jaguar 3 IN 1is compatible with 3 OEM diagnostic software: Honda HDS, Toyota Techstream and JLR SDD.

VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool
Honda HDS: V3.014
Toyota Techstream: V9.30.002

Operating system:
Windows XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 (Windows XP operating system works better)

Support Language:
Diagnostic Software support multi language: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, French etc

How to install VXDIAG Honda and Toyota software:

How to install VXDIAG V139 JLR SDD:

FAQ Tech Support:

Q: Does this device support key programming function?
A: Yes, it is a multi-function tool, support diagnostic, key programming, ECU programming etc functions.
Q: Does it support 2014 Honda vehicle models?
A:. Yes, it does VXDIAG multi diagnostic tool support 2005 & up Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle models, 1996 to 2014 year Toyota vehicles and 1992 to 2014 Honda vehicles.
Q: Does it support trucks?
A: No, it supports 12V and 24V diesel cars but not trucks.
Q: Does it support WIFI function?
A: No, VXDIAG do not have WIFI wireless diagnostic function.

How to diagnose Landrover new battery run out with JLR mangoose SDD

New battery runs out without reason

Vehicle model:
Freelander 2 / LR2 (LF) – Only high-end audio

Vehicle identification number (VIN): H000299x (07-12)

Vehicle battery power runs out for no reason

Diagnostic analysis:
Not properly shut down the infotainment system control module (ICM) when exiting the vehicle

Diagnostic equipment:
JLR mangoose SDD V139 OBD?diagnostic tool for Jaguar and Land rover, like this one US $ 49.99 in aobd2shop

Diagnosis procedure:

1. Connect a Midtronic storage battery with vehicle
2. Install JLR mangoose SDD diagnostic software. Here is a software video installation instruction.
How to install V139 JLR Mangoose SDD software
3. Connect JLR mangoose SDD OBD2 diagnostic interface with vehicle via OBD port
4. Wait the vehicle to read VIN automatically after well communication is built
5. Select “Diagnosis Session Type” in the main menu
6. Select “Symptoms” Tab
7. Select / enter the value: “Electrical / Battery / Charging system / Flatbattery” or “Electrical / Battery”
8. Select “Recommendations” Tab
9. Run “Configure existing Module-Infotainment control module”, follow the screen prompts
10. Select “Session” when precious procedures are complete
11. Select “Close Session” “to exit the program
12. Disconnect JLR SDD diagnostic scan tool and storage battery from vehicle

How to install Bluetooth NEXIQ 125032 truck diagnostic USB link driver

Bluetooth Version NEXIQ 125032 truck diagnostic USB Link with All Adapters
A laptop running Windows XP operating system

(NOTE: NEXIQ 125032 driver can only be installed on Win XP O / S)


?Install Nexiq 125032 USB link Setup diver

Click computer-> D: // -> Driver folder
Install setup driver

Nexiq 125032 USB link-1

Wait for the system install wizard automatically.
Click Next
Accept the system prompts
Click “Yes” when Backup replaced files notice displays, click Next.
Browse and save file to C:. // NEXIQ / BACKUP Click Next

Nexiq 125032 USB link-2

Wait until the driver installation is complete. Click “Finish” when “installation complete” windows pops out.

Nexiq 125032 USB link-3

Click Next when the system display USB driver installer message.

Nexiq 125032 USB link-4

USB device installation is complete. Click “Finish” to continue.

Nexiq 125032 USB link-5

Click Cancel to return to the Windows without restarting when next system prompt pops out.
?Install Framework 2.0 exe setup
Open Driver folder in D: //
Open detetfx.exe setup

Nexiq 125032 USB link-6

Select Maintenance mode: Repair-Repair Microsoft -NET Framework 2.0 to its original state.

Nexiq 125032 USB link-7

The system is repairing component. The procedure may take some time. Wait patiently during the component repairing progress.
Framework 2.0 setup is complete. Tick “Restart the computer” option and click “Finish”

Nexiq 125032 USB link-8

How to update Cummins Inline 5 Insite truck scan tool to V7.6.2

Newest Cummins INLINE 5 INSITE Truck Scan Tool Diesel Vehicles Fault Diagnostic Data Link Adapter software has upgraded to V7.6.2.

Operating system: Windows 7 O / S ONLY

Update Cummins Inline 5 Insite V7.6.2 diagnostic software instruction:

1.Insert CD software into the computer
2.Open CD software and select “insite7-06-0-0272″ file


3. Install setup driver software


4.Select language and click OK. Wait the system install the Wizard.
5.Find out and locate “Cummins Inc. UpdateManager” in ALL programs.


6. Browse and save INSITE file to D: //


Browse to the source folder


Click second icon to save file


7. Cummins Inline 5 Instite V7.6.2 software is installing. The process will take about 8 minutes. Hit Tick mark when installation is complete.


8. Browse and locate INSITE INSITE file in D: // again


9. Wait until the installation procedure is complete. Hit tick mark when the system prompts “Installation Successful” message. Do not disconnect the Cummins device, otherwise the software may fail to use.


10. Cummins Inline 5 Insite V7.6.2 truck diagnostic software is successfully installed.

Frequently Asked Questions for IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007

Q: Is it possible to cut BMW and Audi keys with Condor XC007 Master Is any special fixture needed If all keys are lost, is it possible to make a new key by reading key codes with the tool?

For Q1: Yes, Condor XC007 Master supports cutting BMW and Audi keys.
For Q2:. It depends on the key type Some keys do not need special fixtures, but some may require If the machine prompts you to use a fixture, then a fixture is necessary..
For Q3: Yes, it is possible as long as there is the key code stored in Condor XC007 data base The data base can be upgraded online to get the latest key codes..

Q: Could you please recommend a tool that cuts and programs Vauxhall Opel key.
A: IKEYCUTTER Condor XC007 master series key cutting machine can support Vauxhall Opel key cutting and programming For more specific information regarding this product.:

Q:? Does IKEYCUTTER Condor XC007 Master have an original password I want to check the key cutting history on my Condor XC007 Master, but then a window pops up, asking for a password My series number is shown below, please help..

Condor XC007 Master
A: You can try this password: 123456. If you have any question, please contact me any time.

Any information you need is displayed on OBD2 tools, or even you can ask customer service for help.