How to download FREE UCANDAS V3.5 software

Auto diagnostic tools can be expensive. So auto mechanics tend to buy a tool and download free latest software from the internet to cut the cost. Last week, the newest VDM UCANDAS diagnostic tool was launched. And we have find mechanics an easy and free way to download the software for free.


V3.5 VDM UCANDAS WIFI diagnostic tool is popular mechanic device. It supports troubleshooting 47 car makes via Wi-Fi. The car makes includ Audi, Benz, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Chrysler, Ford and GM. and Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 three systems supported.

How to program a key for 2010 Jetta

After several failed car key programming attempts, I recently successfully program a new key for a 2010 Jetta. Here I would like to share my experience and hope this is helpful for Jetta owners to program their car keys.

There are three things you need: the right PIN code, a car key programmer and a blank key.

Step 1: Get your PIN code

Usually you can find the PIN code in the car or in the manual book. Many drivers, including me, do not know this actually. After I used a PIN code calculator (hmm, a must for every mechanic) to get the code, a mechanic nearby told me the code was written in the manual book! Well, at least it proved the PIN code I got was right.

Step 2: Get a VW key programmer

As we all know, the car key programmers on the market for VW are quite ok. Tools such as X431, VAS 5053, VAS 5054A are all available. But for the 2010 Jetta I came across, the only tool I could use was VAS 5054A. So I bought a VAS 5054A, tested it, and it worked.

Step 3: Get a blank key

Buy a blank key with the right chip for the car model. In most circumstances, a blank 2010 Jetta costs from $45 to $100 in different shops.

Step 4: Program a replacement

Start the VAS 5054A diagnostic tool, install it, enter the PIN code, and then you will create a new replacement. I made a new key and then tested it on the car. When I inserted the replacement, the immobilizer light turned off. This meant the key can was successfully programmed.

Most useful reviews on Autel DS708

I purchased the Maxidas DS708 as a replacement for an older OTC Genisys that was sorely out of date and needing updated software and cables. To update the old Genisys, I was looking at about $1500, and this did not even include the European software.

After reading many reviews on line and at various auto tech sites, I decided that the purchase of the Maxidas was the best option. This scanner has been on the market over a year, so I figured they have had time to work out all the initial problems.

The scanner, along with carrying case and cables/adapters appear to be well made. Carrying case has nice foam cutouts that securely hold all the adapters.

I updated the tool via wireless and it took probably 4 hours. Next time I will use the card reader and update via PC.

For some reason, when I tried to access the internet via the wireless, it would not connect and I got an error message. I went back to the wireless set up and rebooted (reconnected) and it fixed the problem.

The connect time is a little on the slow side, but not terrible.

I have not had much time to use this but I did connect to a 2010 Corolla. I was able to get into all of the modules and even noticed it has the ability to reset the calibration on the occupant seat/Airbag module along with a very nice datastream of the Airbag/SRS system. Also noticed it has the ability to reset steering calibration on the electronic steering on this car.

Connected to a 08 VW and it had the typical features found on the OTC Genisys along with bi-directional controls a plenty.

Overall, I Am satisfied with its performance and would like to recommend it to others that are facing the dilemma of updating an older scan tool or buying a new one.

1.Autel DS708 is an excellent tool but needs more deep technical documentation manuals, Wifi works fine, works on every ECU in any brands like Engine, SRS, Transmission, ESP, EBD, EPB, immo and keys programming on some brands not all.

2.Very nice tool. Get updated with more cars every now and then. Tested it on BMW, Benz, Jeep, GM, Renault and others, all worked fine. German cars have more features like lots of component testing; American cars have idle relearn and I did not get to the bidirectional programming yet. Chinese Cars just been added.

Notice (Proton, Daihatsu) is still not listed (but I used other brands selection to check these two, like for Daihatsu I used Toyota, and for Proton I used Kia).

  1. Had the OBD2 tool for about a month so far and I love it, it does everything the genesys can do and the high end snap-on scanner do for less than a quarter of the price.

They always have new updates, but they do not take long to download (assuming you have high speed internet) and for me I am able to select them all and let them download, plus if you want you can download them to your computer and load them directly into the SD card (the unit comes with USB card reader)

The only downside to the unit is that it will take some getting used to and the menu is not unified, for example, if you want to check the ECU, under some manufactures it will be listed as ECU unit, others PCM units, and others something different. It is a minor thing and for me it does not bother me much.

I have used it on 2001 Mercedes S500 (W220 body) and it scanned a total of 41 different systems, I did not even know the car had that many systems, it scanned everything from AC to Radio, Navigation, Instrument cluster, ABS, Suspension……etc

You never forget first thing like first car diagnostic tool

You never forget first thing like first car diagnostic tool, first trip with friends, first dress, and first car and so on. And my first tool is Toyota it2, useful, covering engine, ABS, airbag and communication via CAN-diagnosis.

Even now it Toyota tester it2 is still a good helper for me. With the help of its diagnosis, I just finished my repair work on Toyota RAV4.

This Toyota RAV4 is now with 76000 mileages, year 2010. its owner found its ABS and vsc warning light came out on the way to workplace.

After I have received the car, connected it to tester it 2, start engine and read out ABS codes, showing ARS inaccessible. I scanned the whole controlling system, and found U0129 fault in power steering system, indicating losing communication between power steering control module and brake control system. The maintenance manual informs the faulted part is CAN communication system or ARS ECU.

Have CAN communication bus inspected with Intelligent Tester/Toyota it2, found no brake system conducted ECU in the inspection options of CAN communication bus. According to the above faults and analysis, four possible reasons are: the conductive ecu connector is open circuit; no positive 12V power supply; executive power (negative) poor ground; internal communication transceiver failure.

According to fault reasons, there are respective examinations: disconnect the negative battery cable and disconnect the brake control ECU connector execution A67, measuring the connector terminal A67 on the 25th (CANH) and the connector 14 No terminal resistance value (CANL) is 61.2? ( standard is 54 ~ 69?), which means terminating resistor brake control ECU bus to perform normally; Connect the negative battery cable, put ignition switch ON, measuring 34 connector on the A67 between terminals (IG1) and body grounding voltage is 12.3V, meaning battery supply to the brake control ECU positive power perform properly; set the ignition switch OFF, measure the value between the 1st connector between terminal A67 and body grounding resistance is infinite . A67 connector on the 13th grounding resistor between the terminals and the body is also infinite (standard value should be less than 1?). This shows that the implementation of the brake control ECU Ground loop circuit.

According to the ARS circuit diagrams, the brakes on the left front fender A2 grounding point at ECU Ground control line break via inspection. After inquiry the driver, the car has a collision which probably cause the faults, while no inspection and discovery in the repair shop for accident repair time, so after driving the vehicle bumps cause damage grounding line break , ABS and VSC warning lights alarm.

Troubleshoot: Re-welding broken brake control ECU grounding line execution, measured on the 1st connector between terminal A67 and body grounding resistance of less than 1?, and cleared diagnostic trouble codes by tester ii, anti-skid control system went back to normal state at first glance, the fault ruled out.

Actually, my first tool Toyota it2 assist my repairs work on Toyota vehicle models, and I like it and will use it on my future and current repair jobs.

What is your first thing impressing you much, a car, a book, or the same with me a repair tool? This is my own. And why not share here with me yours?

Introduction of three automotive headlamps and how to select?

As basic equipment in a car, headlamp is developed and now has many types. There will be more new design headlamp in future. People will confuse with various types of headlamp, especially for people unfamiliar with headlights. In order to avoid spending extra money, here introduces you three automotive headlamps and how to select?

In present market, Halogen lamps, xenon headlights, LED light and laser headlight (under developed) mainly stands for the headlights. People most confuse with choose Halogen lamps or xenon headlights. Let us come to them one by one.

Halogen lamps—- most common one

Seen often on vehicles: entry model, some low-equipped models and SUVs

Halogen produced in the 1960s, it is made of halogen gas inside the bulb??, both to reduce the consumption of tungsten lamp brightness which can keep longer light and extended lamp life.

Some high-end models tend to not use halogen headlamps, because of its poor illumination ane cheap prices. But halogen headlights also have their own market, for its color temperature is low. If you encounter rain or snow, the yellow lights have a stronger penetration. Some SUVs use halogen headlights, such as Wrangler.

Advantage: halogen headlamps are with mature technology. Structure and installation is simple, and cost is the lowest in the headlights, about only tens of dollars. With lower color temperature, halogen headlights have a stronger yellow light penetration when you encounter snow or ice. It is better than the more advanced xenon headlights.

Disadvantage: the biggest problem is the lack of brightness, worse than that of xenon headlights and LED headlamps. Further, since it is with short life about 3 years, halogen headlights will eventually be replaced by more efficient, more energy efficient products.

Summary: low cost and common for lack budget choice, but good for SUVs and some other vehicle models. If you have certain requirements for light or bright enough, selection of xenon headlamps or LED headlamps is much better.

Xenon headlights—-good application

Common models: models with high and intermediate high models

Advantage: the traditional tungsten halogen headlights are hot light emitted by the heating and light color temperature value is generally 3200K (reddish). The xenon headlamps are activated by a high-voltage gas-light, luminous color temperature greater than 4100K (close to sunlight state), which provides us a more comfortable viewing experience, greatly reducing the driver’s visual fatigue.

Compare with traditional halogen headlamp light, the xenon headlights are three times more brightness. It provides you a night driving unprecedented comfort, reducing the rate of accidents. In addition, xenon lamps are electronically activated gas light, no tungsten filament, and therefore longer life.

Weakness: Currently, the cost is still the biggest problem on completely replace halogen xenon headlights.

Summary: xenon headlights affect the consumers recognition, currently occupy a large part of the market share. If you just have a high demand for light illumination, but the headlights appearance and styling no “harsh” requirements, xenon headlamps have been fully capable. However, the future of all aspects of the upcoming LED headlamps popularity outstanding performance, it is likely in the future to replace xenon headlights.

LED light—-uncommon but mainstream product

Applied models: a small group of top models and high-end models

LED headlamps now this technology has not been popular, but low cost, manufacturers will certainly take this technology as a selling point. Though low cost, but the price is certainly not cheap for unpopular technology.

Advantage: LED headlamps are currently in its early stages, and there is still much room for improvement in performance, which is characterized by a small fever, higher efficiency, longer life, easy to adjust brightness, and LED plasticity that allows the car designers more arbitrary.

Shortcoming: Today, it is still have shortcoming of top brightness. Talk about cost-effective, it still has room for improvement as a headlight. At present, selection of xenon headlamp is better.

Summary: Some top models will be equipped with LED headlamps, which models the price is often higher than the xenon lamp models. If you do not have to use LED headlamps, then can choose a more mature and cheaper xenon headlights which not only save costs, but also share with identical basic functions.

Therefore, above are all about Halogen lamps, xenon headlights, and LED light; showing you how to select as well; do you get it?

Why vas 5054a, iobd2, and x431 idiag are so popular?

You are probably heard about some popular obd2 scanner. They are hot and top sales, such as vas 5054a, iobd2, and x431 idiag. Why are they so popular?

As a matter of fact, they are all equipped with Bluetooth technology which makes them easier in communication, hence fasten the time and increase the work efficiency. Here displays you one by one.

Vas 5054a

At first, VAS 5054A is a diagnostic tool designed for VW Audi. It is fully compatible with OBD vehicle system and all of the Volkswagen Group. In detail, it supports VW, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini. Second, 5054A is easy to be used, but the Bluetooth is about 10 meters range of the connection.

Besides, here is one point, the most important one. And that is it is a comprehensive diagnostic VAS5054A, supporting multiple languages.


There are versions of iobd2 with android smart phone or with iphone or itouch ipod. According to the feedback from users, Bluetooth version of iobd2 does really greatly and conveniently in use.

With the connection of iphone to vehicles, Bluetooth functions well by connecting iobd2 and android smart phones, and finally users could use phones to diagnose OBD and EOBD vehicles available efficiently.

X431 idiag

It is a little similarity with the connection of iobd2 to phones, both with Bluetooth technology.

Apart from this point, one more reason three are all so popular, the reason is they are very cheap. But you should notice on x431 idiag is that the price is not including the software. As to DIY users, actually, it is still so cheap, just adding one, two, three or more software.

Therefore, that is collected by customers feedback and why you love one of them, or two or all? Please share with me your reasons.

How to run Lexia 3 on Win7 computer

Hello, everyone. Today I would like to share my experience installing Lexia 3/ PP2000 diagnostic tool on my Windows 7 computer. By saying Lexia 3/ PP2000, I mean those ones that are made in China. Some of you may know what I mean. Many copycat car diagnostic tools from China, including Lexia 3, can only work on Windows XP, which has been abandoned by many users. This is troubelsome. So I wondered if there is a way to run the tool on my laptop. And I do find one.

Windows has released a compatiable package for Windowns XP. It is called Windows XP Mode. By using Windows XP Mode, you can run software or programs that were designed and developed for Windows XP on computers running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

I downloaded the package, installed it on my computer, installed Lexia 3 software in Windows XP Mode, and then test then tested the program. It worked! My Lexia 3 scanner became available for use in both Windows XP Mode and Windows 7!

You can download Windows XP Mode from the link below:


Note: If your computer is a newer one with 64 bit Windows 7, you must uninstall the usb 3 drivers and software before installing the XP Mode. The package does not support Windows 8 computers.

Why choose Tuirel S777 Auto Diagnostic Tool?

As a purchasing agent of an inport and export company, I have purchased many orders involving all kinds of auto diagnostic tools. Here I would like to talk about one of the tools I recently meet. A new device –Tuirel S777 Auto Diagnostic Tool– stands out among all the tools and has won great attention since a few weeks ago.

According to our clients, the main reason that they choose Tuirel S777 is its cheap price considering it supports diagnoses with 46 car makes. A customer from Asia told me that OBD2 tools that can work with all cars tend to be damn expensive; it is almost impossible to find a tool that costs less than $1,000, except Tuirel S777. “It is amazing! I cannot believe I bought this powerful car diagnsotic tool for less than $500. It is a real bargain!”

Another reason that explains why Tuirel S777 has won so many fans is that its software is online updatable. This means buyers can get access to the new software as soon as it is available for download. I have a customer who used to complain to me that the updating for some tools is troublesome: he had to send the device to its manufacture for a few weeks and wait for it to come back for another few weeks; and during this period, he could not offer some service that require to use the tool. If they buy Tuirel S777, they do not have to worry about this.

Talk about the purpose of OBD diagnosis and troubleshoot

With the booming development and universal use of engine electronic control technology, OBD automotive diagnostic (here mainly obd2 diagnosis) is more and more popular. Here takes check engine light for example. Vehicles with electronic control units start engine, the check engine light came out and turn off again within several seconds, which is a fast procedure ecu finishing vehicle diagnosis and troubleshoot, and that is self-test. If there is no problem, light will go off.

If check engine light comes out which vehicle is riding, it might be something wrong with engine ecu, and timely repair is necessary. Besides, it requires connecting obd2 code scanner and OBD port to read out fault codes and datastream to analyze fault issues.

In this way, you might think OBD is just a connector/interface/port for diagnosis and repairs. If you do think so, it is wrong. Let us have an idea of OBD showing as below:

What is OBD?

OBD is on board diagnostic system for controlling emission. It can identify faults and store the faults in the ecu with the behalf of codes. OBD is a system monitoring emission relative functions and components via hardware or software, and it reminds drivers to have it maintain and check with the form of MIL and DTCs. At the beginning, it is just a standard on controlling emission in certain level.

Purpose/functions of OBD diagnosis and troubleshoot

1.Inspect vehicle parts and system faults in real time to ensure the emission level obeying rules in vehicles life span.

2..Once check out faults, OBS system can alarm drivers via MIL light on dashboard.

3.Faulted vehicles can be repaired timely and reduce vehicle emission.

4.OBD system can help technician or DIYers troubleshoot fast, accurately and reduce repair costs.

Besides, there is one more point about OBD. Different area apply different systems and in various time, such as SAE USA OBD, ISO European EOBD. Thus, they have slightly difference. In this way, when you select an auto diagnostic tool, this is a factor should be taken into consideration.

Simple engine modifications to boost horsepower

Every driver will feel the craving for some more power at some point, and there are a million ways to incresae horsepower. One of the most cost efficient routes to increasing engine power is to modify car engines. But what can you do? Here are 3 simple and cost-effective ways to modify your car to boost its performance.

  1. ECU chip tunning

If you drive a car built after 1996, it is likely that there is an onboard computer on it, controlling such functions as ignition timing and the all-important fuel-to-air ratio. By using an ECU chip tuning tool, such as Carprog Full, you can easily improve it in the following 7 ways:

Less fuel consumption

Shorter spark timing relative to the piston position

Better electronic injection mixture

Wider rev limit

Shorter valve timing

Faster throttle progression

Faster idle speed

1.A clever air filter

Apart from buying an OBD2 tool, choosing the right air filter also matters. Air filters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Air filter with bigger holes can improve the passage of air without hurting the engine. You can find many air filters of this kind on the market. And because they are made of fabric, they are washable, which makes them an inexpensive investment.

2.An efficiency cold air intake kit

The temperature of the air can actually affect the efficiency of your car and prevent it from accelerating at some point. And a cold air intake kit that brings cool air into the internal combustion engine is quite necessary to regulate the temperature of air. Therefore, althouth this may seem like a small thing, it is actually a helpful trick to increase your horsepower.