X-100 + Key Programmer Update Attention

Original X-100 Pro Auto Key Programmer is manufactured by X-100 Technology, featured best quality, wide vehicle brands support, online update and English Only.

Now X-100 Pro has been changed the update method.

New Update Method:

Note: You need to register with Serial Number and Password in advance.

Click module below to download Update Tool via http://www.xtooltech.com/;
Run downloaded software to upgrade;
X100+ Auto Key Programmer-1
1. Do not format the TF card before / after update;
2. Do not use old serial number and password on X100 + website for registration.

How to Update X100 + Auto Key Programmer (without sending X-100 + Main Unit back to factory for update)?

Power up X100 + device;
Select “Self Test” >> “Keyboard Test”;
Press device buttons according to this order: F1-F2-UP button-DOWN button-ENTER-ESC
X100+ Auto Key Programmer-2
Exit the main menu;
Select “System information”;
Write down and provide the X100 + device SN, VIN and register password to Xtool customer service to run an update.
X100+ Auto Key Programmer-3

How to Install ADM 300A Digital Master SMDS III Software

Original ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS III is an ECU programming tool made by YANHUA Tech, supporting main functions like Audio decoding, reading IMMO code, Airbag resetting, Odometer adjusting ECU programming and Data programming etc.

Supported OS: Windows XP and WIN 7
Update: Support online update

ADM 300A Digital Master Software Installation Guide:
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmGabNt0-fs

Put package attached software CD into computer CD-ROM drive;
Open Auto Digital Mas (E);
Auto Digital Mas-1
Run “Reader Software of Instruction (Adobe Reader)”;
Auto Digital Mas-2
Follow prompts to complete Adobe Reader setup;
Run “. YHSMDS3-1.7.1402.25-EN Setup exe”, automatically come out following new window;
Auto Digital Mas-3
Being Easily done according to the system prompts;
Double Click “Auto Digital Master 3″ icon on the desktop;
Wait for connection;
Auto Digital Mas-4
Click OK, and then Select Reconnect;
Auto Digital Mas-5
It is OK, click Exit;

Any information needed would be available on OBD2EXPRESS.

Super ICOM Newest V2015.05 Update Online

Super ICOM Software for BMW ICOM and ICOM A2 is now available to the newest V2015.05 via update online (Official website: www.supericom.com). Software installed based on Windows® 8.1 64-Bit OS, fitting most of the laptops or PC in the market with SATA port.

You are recommended to directly download Super ICOM Updater V1.0 updater tool for Super ICOM V2015.05 software online update.

User Name is the Serial Number;
Password derives from the last 8 numbers of password envelop;
Super ICOM Software

KESS V2, KTAG, FgTech Galletto V54, MPPS, Galletto 1260, which is better

There are a couple of car ECU remapping tools on the aftermarket. Top 5 highly rated tuning tools appear to KESS V2, FgTech Galletto, KTAG, MPPS (V12 and V16) and Galletto 1260. Which is better to tune your vehicle? Check Tab. 1 and Tab.2 below.

KESS V2, KTAG, FGTECH GALLETTO V54 car ECU tuning tool (current software version) comparison:
KESS V2, KTAG, FGTECH GALLETTO V54 car ECU tuning tool (current software version) comparison

MPPS V13, MPPS V16 and GALLETTO 1260 ECU remapping tool comparison:
MPPS V13, MPPS V16 and GALLETTO 1260 ECU remapping tool comparison

Tacho Pro 2008 Programmer Related Questions Needing Attention

I google odometer correction tool in order to find a good one within my limited budget (less than € 150), I found that Tacho Pro 2008 Programmer is seem to be a suitable one with good reputation and best price.
Tacho Pro 2008
While before buying, I need to figure out some questions that trouble me a lot.
1. Does Tacho 2008 support Subaru Forester 2001 model?
2. Does Tacho dash pro come with French Language manual?
3. I saw other items Digiprog 3 can also odometer function. What’s the difference between Tacho pro 2008 and digiprog 3?
4. How many days will it take to deliver the Tacho pro 2008?
5. Can this device be update?

Obd2express customer service kindly expressed for me covering all questions above, and I concluded it into following several pieces:

1. Tacho Pro 2008 supports vehicle before 2006 including 2001 Subaru Forester model. You may refer the detail vehicle via the PDF file Tacho Pro 2008 car list.

2. Tacho Pro 2008 and digiprog 3 are both good odometer correction tool so they project almost the same functions. Tacho pro is able to work on vehicles before 2006 while digiprog III supports newer and part of 2012 years cars. Digiprog 3 is a little expensive than Tacho pro.

3. Tacho pro 2008 does not support trucks; it can only work on cars.

4 .The package will 3-5 days if it send by DHL.

5. Tacho Pro 2008 CAN NOT be updated. Do not click “Update” button on the menu, otherwise the device will be damaged.

For more information, please browse the following page:

How to Decode Audio for Benz via Digimaster 3

Digimaster III Odometer correction master (also called Digimaster 3 or shortly D3) is a developed device supporting multi-function includes audio decoding, odometer correction, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO and key programming for Benz and BMW etc.
Digimaster 3-1
While, among various functions, here I share only how to perform audio decoding function for Benz via Digimaster 3

We know that if the vehicle powers off as a result of battery damage, the audio will start anti-theft system automatically.

Digimaster III mileage programmer can calculate the audio code out or initialize it. The following list of vehicle makes all support audio decoding function (Here we take Benz as an example).
Digimaster 3-2
Select Benz to decode and then de-solder the corresponding chip based on the computer software prompts;
Click “Next” to begin decoding;
Digimaster 3-3
Do not forget the code inside the appeared dialogue box;
Click “Next”, the code was written inside the chip.
Digimaster 3-4
Use this new code to decode the audio;
Solder the chip back to the board;

Address Code
These models only have to short-circuit some welding spot to reset the code. The software will give a particular strategy.

BMW E46 SMG Coding with BMW ICOM WinKFP software

Here is an example of coding BMW E46 M3 (with SMG2 transmission) Euro SMG mode also called “CSL Coding” with BMW ICOM engineering and developing WinKFP coding software.

BMW ICOM ISTA / D ISTA / P with WinKFP 5.1.6 or newer version software HDD and 46 data files
BMW ICOM A2 + B + C diagnostic and programming tool
Stable power supply 13-14V at 10A (very important)

1) Configure WinKFP
Well install BMW ICOM ISTA / D ISTA / P software HDD
Select and run WinKFP software on the desktop
Click Import / Export -> Import -> Assembly Line Data
Browse to the unzipped SP-Daten-E46 folder and select the “data” folder. Press “OK” and wait a few minutes to load the data.
Click “Configuration” and do some settings, language, file destination etc, make sure the program configuration setting is the same as picture below:
Save settings and exit WinKFP software.

2) Flash / Program CSL module
Browse the unzipped SP-Daten-E46 folder to:
Copy the contents of the ecu folder to C: / EDIABAS / Ecu
Copy the contents of the sgdat folder to C: / EC-APPS / NFS / SGDAT

Run WinKFP software again
Turn ignition ON

NOTE:. Keep the vehicle voltage at 13-14V If the voltage is below 12.5V or above 14.5V, the flashing procedure may fail and results in brick the module.

Run WinKFP and select “Comfort Mode”
Click “Enter ZUSB”, select ECU type: GDSMG2 and choose ZB-number: 7843255. Click OK.
Click “Enter VIN” and manually enter 17-digit VIN correctly
Press “Done” You will be displayed the vehicle information and the boost section update activated message.
Click.. “F3: Program” WinKFP will give you a message about having X number of flashes available Press Ok to accept the notice

The module flashing is processing. Accept the windows prompt if the flashing stops at 100%. And it will go faster and complete programming.

Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON after 5 minutes. Clear the stored DTCs in control module with BMW INPA software.

Turn the ignition off and wait a few minutes again if the transmission error light is still on.

Start the engine and enjoy the improved shifts. You may need to run the SMG adaptation procedures.

The whole procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Do not exit the software program or disconnect the BMW ICOM diagnostic tool with vehicle, otherwise, the SMG module will be bricked.

MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Installtion Guide

Support multi-language:
English, German, French, Italian, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden……

Update regards MB SD C4 hardware:
The software and update software package should be match, if not, the device will block, if your hardware buy from us last year need to update, you must use our update package, we only have the update package for V2.02
MB SD C4-1
Do not support update for V2.2
MB SD C4-2
PS: Please do not update the hardware to V2.2, otherwise the device will be blocked, you have to return it back to us to change a new board and you have to pay for the repair by yourself, the cost is 20.00USD

When you encounter following problem during you activate the xentry system of MB SD C4, please delete the file” lic_key_2.dat ” via this route: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LicDir, the reactivate it using the star key we send to you
MB SD C4-3
Q: I try to install the MB SD C4 software, while it tell me “no access authorization cod!”, what should I do?
MB SD C4-4
A: This software need to activate before use, please provide the ID to us, we will activate it for you.

Please do not update the v2012.05 software or any patch, otherwise you will get the following problem:
MB SD C4-5
While for this problem, you have to send the device back to us for repair.

Some customer may encounter this problem “No access authorization code!”, unable to open Xentry after first activation, everytime when you open the xentry or reboot the compueter, you need to activate it again, for this problem, please follow following ways to check:
First step: Change computer system time to 2013.02.01

Second step: Delete lic_key_2.dat, following ”C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data \LicDir”

Third step: Reactivate the Xentry with previous start key

Fourth step: follow the path:”C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data \LicDir”, copy lic_key_2.dat, and rename it to lic_key_2.x4711, and set it as read-only file

Fifth step: run the xentry again

Q: Whether your MB SD Connect C4 can do SCN coding?
A: Our MB SD C4 support for SCN coding off-line; but our software do not support for this function, if you need, you need to pay for authorization, 100.00USD for one time

Q: How to install the starfiner of MB SD C4?
A: It do not need to install, you can open it directly following this route: c:\program files\web_etm\index.html

Launch Creader CRP129 vs. CRP123 (black) vs. CRP123 (red)

There are several Launch Creader CRP scan tools on the aftermarket. What the difference among Creader VIII CRP 129, Creader VII + CRP123 (black) and CReader Professional CRP 123 (red)?

In short, CRP129 is an upgraded version of CRP123. CRP123 (red and black) share same functions, but differ in vehicle coverage.

Check the table list below to view some detail comparison:
Launch Creader CRP scan tools-1
Launch Creader CRP scan tools-2

Carsoft 6.5 for BMW software crash problem solution

Obd2express.co.uk engineer here offers the solution to the BMW carsoft 6.5 software crash issue.

When connect the carsoft 6.5 diagnostic interface for BMW with computer and vehicle, the vehicle 4 lights turn on, 1 for power, 2x for Kline and one for L line. The one for service interval does not light up. Start to diagnose to find that the software can get live data, but if try to do a total or a single test the program starts initializing communication then windows pops up saying that carsoft has stopped working and will now be closed.

Possible reasons & Solutions:
The CarSoft 6.5 software crash may be caused by some possible reasons:
1) Some files in “Crack” folder are missed or incomplete. The crack folder should contain 10 files. Check and make sure there are 10 files in “Crack” folder including instruction. If there is no 10 files, uninstall and free download carsoft V6.5 driver software here:

2) The computer system is not compatible with the software. Please change another laptop running Win XP SP2 / SP3 operating system. (Vista or Win 7 O / S will not work)

3) Right click “Programs” folder from the “Start” menu, choose “Explore”, to locate carsoft folder which should be in the “Program files” directory.

Check and confirm there is a “BMW” folder in “Carsoft Folder.” Choose the BMW folder and make sure that it contains only one file with a “CS V6.5″ icon. That file should be called CARSOFT.

Double click on the CARSOFT file and it should open the diagnosis screen. Click on the _____? _____ Drop down menu and choose “Info about Carsoft” to check the software information.
If the version is 6.5.05, SP1 is not installed. If there are 2 “CS V6.5″ icons, double click on each in turn to view the version information as described above. Delete the icon for version 6.5.05 and rename the other CS V6.5 file CARSOFT.

4) Connection issue. You may have a faulty cable or blown fuse. Check all the fuses in your car and attempt a diagnostic again. If unsuccessful, try another cable.

5) Not sufficient power supply. Check the battery feeding your vehicle and make sure the is output voltage is at lest 12 volts

Make sure turn the ignition ON with engine OFF when diagnosing vehicles.

Here is the BMW carsoft 6.5 installation instruction