How to solve Ford VCM?indicator light issue?

Problem & Symptom:
Once connecting Ford VCM2 diagnostic system with vehicle and computer, the indicator light off after 4 to 5 minutes.

Unplug the Ford VCM2 device and disconnect the device with computer, then reconnect it, USB cable indicator light flash again.

In order to solve this problem, users should get the capacitance replaced. (Display as the picture below) Make sure identify the capacitance model before purchasing.
1) Get new capacitance from your local dealer
2) Contact our after-sale service and buy new capacitance in our factory. The new capacitance will be delivered it by express.

Reviews on WIFI MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Diagnostic Tool

MaxiSYS pro ms908p is regarded as the best diagnostic tool with full diagnostic function and wide range of car vehicle, which even better than Autel DS708.

Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Reviews:
Reviews 1: support multi-language
OBD2Tuning MaxiSYS Pro MS908P support languages including Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Reviews 2: Exceptional OE-Level Vehicles Coverage

Reviews 3: Smart Technology
Featuring the latest AutoVIN technology to identify CAN vehicles in one touch, and combined with the exclusive Autoscan function, the Autel MS908P is the most intelligent system in the industry.

Reviews 4: Ultrafast Wireless
The MaxiSYS 908 Pro features advanced dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi that’s up to twice as fast as any previous-generation diagnostic systems.

Reviews 5: ECU Coding and Programming
These functions allow you to update the computer software on the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements.

For related product Autel DS708, you can find via the following link:

The reason why choose GM MDI but not GM Tech2

I got the GM MDI diagnostic system and enjoyed 8% off for USD 489 at abobd2shop. I will not discuss how to install and use it. I just want to state what it did for me and why I chose MDI but not Tech2 instead.

So far, MDI together with GDS2 (Global Diagnostic System 2) helped diagnose some new vehicles since 2010 such as camaro, lacrosse, terrain, regal and some of the caddies etc and it successfully accessed following modules either via WIFI or USB connection.

-Park Brake Control Module
-Multi-Axis Acceleration Sensor Module

-Steering wheel angle sensor module

-Radio control module

-Parking assist control module

-Passenger presence system module

-Battery Charger Control Module
-Battery Energy Control Module

-Instrument panel module

-Telematics Communication Interface Module
-Remote Heater and Air Conditioning Control Module
-Front Seat Heating Control Module
-Keyless Entry Control Module

Through a few months playing with, I figured out some advantages of the MDI compared with Tech2.

1) GM MDI is easier to get data from the cars ECU to a computer

2) GM MDI enables you to see the diagnosing something and recording data via MS Excel by exporting it right to a file. So I can send that file to my customers/friends to help troubleshoot even if they do not have a MDI device.

3) GM MDI works more vehicles than Tech2, to be specific newer vehicles after 2010.

4) If you are working with more brands GM, Opel.. You need for the tech new cards, but the MDI can select the .bin for each brand and its a lot faster and easier then switching cards

5) GM MDI diagnostics is an extra fee over and above TIS2WEB all subscription.

Although Tech2 can work without computer, it can not support WIFI. After all, I stay more on my body shop then go outside. The only short-coming is that DGS2 system does not support backward compatible which means it does not works on some vehicle modules after 2010.

How to use Suzuki Motorcycle scanner to reset fault codes

I bought a second-hand Suzuki GSR600 K6 Motorcycles last year. Last Monday when I switched from a neural a wired sound from the engine is coming and then the F1 red light illuminated.
I was intenred to go a MOTO Triumph Motorcycle diagnostic tool, but it is a little pricey. So I have got myself a rather cheap one special designed for Suzuki motorcycles. I found myself a little tutorial guide on aobd2shop webpage on how to use the Suzuki motorcycle diagnostic tool.
1. Have the ignition key in OFF position.
2. Connect the Suzuki motorcycle diagnostic OBD tool connector to the diagnostic plug of the motorcycle, and connect the USB plug to my Dell 630 Windows XP laptop.
3. Start the OBD tool application.
4. Select neutral, turn ignition On and switch the engine stop switch to RUN position.
5. Remove the seat and behind the battery area and I should find a white 6 pin connector (likely with a black rubber boot on it)
6. Press the “Connect” button. The engine parameters must be shown on the screen.
7. Start the engine to inspect parameters with the engine running.
Then the screen displayed two error codes, C28 and C29 faults codes. I got some clues on google and figured out that F1 light on Suzuki motors is equivalent to a “Check engine light” on vehicles. C28 refers to when no actuator control signal is supplied from the ECM or communication signal does not reach ECM or operation voltage does not reach STVA motor and C29 related to the secondary throttle position sensor. The sensor should produce following voltage “0.15sensor voltage <4.85V”. Without the above value, C29 is indicated.
I select “Clear fault code” and then the tool started to reset the error codes. Soon the voltage is back to normal and the F1 light turn off. Note that when you turn the key off, the memory is erased so if you have an intermittent fault you should not turn the key off until you pull the codes.

How to use Mini VCI to turn off seatbelt chime

There are many situations where the seat belt alarm can become annoying. Lots of dealer shops will try to remove the chip from under the seat causing the airbag to turn off as well since it is not sensing anyone in the seat. This is technically a solution but also causes another issue:. annoying seatbelt alarm It is unsafe to drive on the road without a seatbelt.

Enter “How to turn off seatbelt chime” you may find thousands of ways in wiki How, forums, blogs etc. I hate the awful seat belt chime, but I get the problem settled down neither by technical job nor being charged $ 60 at the dealer shop, but by a Mangoose mini vci cable.

Playing around the mini vci cable for a couple of days, works good on reading and clear error code, displaying live data, adjusting O2 sensor etc. I newly found it can also turn off the seatbelt chime without cutting a wire !!!

Step 1:. Insert the CD software on laptop Default Windows XP operating system or find some tutorial on Win 7 operation on forums.

Step 2: Run TIS stream software Come to the main menu..

Step 3:. Find out and open system setting Then select Customize Parameter and some parameter are displayed on the interface, the second choice is “Down Side Seatbelt Warning Buzzer”, click and keep it on “OFF” position.

Then the annoying seatbelt chime has been turned off.

Need a cheap Chrysler Pin code reader

Hi, Apple,
I just started the auto work recently and bought a car key programmer and would like to make a new key for a Chrysler in my garage. However, it requires me to provide PIN code of the car before starting the programming. I realized that AD offered a trade in deal for about the same price as the programmer. Thinking I may have liked to switch to the code. So I am wondering that do you have any products that can pull Chrysler pin codes? If yes, please give me more info about it, like function and update. Thank you in advance.


Dear Adam,

Yes, we have a tool named Pin code reader for Chrysler that may be what you want The tool is a neat and simple device that allows you to read Pin codes from Chrysler vehicles Below are the details..:

Update: It can not be updated
Support Car Type: Chrysler (Type2)
Language: English

1. Read out for Chrysler (Type2) vehicle pin cod
2. Read data from Immobilizer controller and show the pin code on the screen of the device directly.

Power supply requirement: 12V

Packing List:
1pc x Pin Code Reader Multiplexer
1pc x Pin Code Reader Cable


As a new arrival dealer level tool, SVDI SPA Commander can support not only diagnosis, but also can do mileage correction, pincode reading and key programming. So far, is not it a power auto tool?

At the same time, as the replacement of FVDI SPA Commander, SVDI show its own great advantages (both two commanders are supplied by the same manufacturer), which can be concluded below:

1. Best price.
This is a remarkable advantage. SVDI only needs to pay about US300.00, which is much lower than that of FVDI.

2. Get Free TAG Key Tool Software
If you buy this commander on Aobd2shop, you will additionally get a free TAG Key Tool Software.

Then, I would like to introduce SVDI SPA Commander functions:
Identification (VIN, Part Number, production data, producer, manufacturing date …);
Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes;
Clear DTC explanation;
Live data display (actual data);
Electronic control unit configuration;
Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII;
Dump Tool – many functions like clear crash data …

At the same time, SVDI also has additionally special functions:
PIN code reading by OBDII (CAN bus)
Mileage recalibration by OBDII in BSI module (CAN bus), Instrument cluster (CAN), C5, C2
Key programming
Read / Write eeprom from EDC15
Read / Write flash from EDC16
Read / Change Service list
Immobilizer Enable / Disable (EDC15)

Why Toyota dealers love MINI VCI TIS Techstream?

For all Toyota drivers are not unfamiliar with the interesting MINI VCI OBD2 interface via USB.

The trick is that the MINI VCI cable is compatible with the TIS Techstream software of Toyota. It is a tool to make adjustment in our modern vehicles, especially for Toyota dealers. This can be on a world tour yes sometimes a little further away (though not as far away as you think just now).

You must give believe the various reviews, then the whole works without problems. People may feel pity that the only limitation is the MINI VCI software is supplied solely for Windows XP operating system. But thanks to the post: (Solution) Mini VCI + Toyota TIS Techstream 8.x on Windows 7/8 64-bit. You do not waste money on a second-hand laptop for there is no restriction of computer configuration except win 8.


Enclosed is a video on the installation:

As long as you paid for the purchase of approximately $33 with Paypal and providers can narrow your investment will not be lost thanks to the Paypal buyer protection. The free delivery benefits much and everyone satisfies with the fast delivery.

Mini VCI provides an incredible amount of information logged by each ECU and is an amazing tool that will definitely help Toyota vehicle maintenance and repair. For example, the engine ECU reports how many misfires were logged even if there were an insufficient number of misfires to trigger a misfire DTC - that might help owners who are wondering whether to replace the iridium spark plugs on the 120K mile schedule.

Of course you can use a tool which allows many settings, also make much broken - any one hook up the mini vci interface must finally have the whole yes. If something goes wrong during the writing of settings (empty battery, power off, cable ripped out etc) - then you can also make components broken.

As a Toyota dealer, MINI VCI TIS Techstream diagnostic cable is indeed worth a stab and the rice beats everything.


What’s the function of SVDI PSA Tag Key tool Software?

What is SVDI PSA Tag Key tool Software?
This Tag Key Tool program works with SVDI PSA commander, also other ABRITES commander for VAG, BMW, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes, Fiat etc.

Tag Key Tool software is compatible with AN020 and ZN001 transponder programmers. It is easy to carry out function. Just need dump from your immobilizer, put your NEW KEY (or transponder) on the programmer and generate working key!

What is the function of Tag Key Tool software?
Tag Key Tool software enables you to produce preprogrammed transponders for different vehicles, bikes or trucks.

It is able to exclusively program key by dump of CAS4-latest BMW Fx series including those with MCHCS12XEP100 with mask 5M48H. Tag Key Tool software can also produce transponders like ID68, ID70, TP22, TP23, TP24, ID45 Peugeot, ID40 Chery, ID41 Nissan, ID73 Mitsubishi … and many others.

Big amount of utilities for programming of key by dump of immobilizer (Fiat, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Audi / VW Kessy, Mercedes, Jeep etc)

Easy cloning of transponders – Temic 8C, Megamos 13, Temic 11 onto TK5561
Easy cloning of transponders – Texas 4E
Easy cloning of transponders – Megamos 13, Temic 11/12 onto TK5551
Easy cloning of Toyota / Lexus / Scion Texas TIRIS 4D transponders onto TPX2 transponder
Easy cloning of ALL TYPES Texas 4D transponders onto TPX2 transponder – required internet connection
Easy cloning of ALL TYPES Texas 4C transponders onto TPX1 transponder
Programming of used BMW keys 7943/7944

How can I get the Tag Key Software?
Aobd2shop now offers bonus, buy New V5.1 SVDI PSA ABRITES Commander for Peugeot and Citroen with Free V5.8 TAG Key Tool Software.