The Most Advanced V145 Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic

OBD2 tool has now launched the newest V145 for Renault CAN Clip, which is one of the most best-sold auto diagnostic tools for Renault vehicle.

Renault CAN Clip
Here summarize several remarkable highlights for Renault CAN Clip diagnostic that you might appreciate for buying such a good device.

1. Newest V145
Periodical update will also what many car owners attach much importance on. Via update, it might not only means improvement in function, but also add new function to perfect its work.

2. Multi-language

3. Work on cars from 1996 to 2013 (available to part 2013)

4. User-friendly
It is easy to diagnose a vehicle via CAN Clip diagnostic interface, what you need to do just select the vehicle make, enter the VIN and press ENTER, especially convenient for layman.

Next, show you CAN Clip OBD Cable Connection Picture:

CAN Clip OBD Cable Connection
Finally, here offer you a video on how to install V145 Renault CAN Clip software:

2015 V145 Renault can clip diagnostic software feature, video

Renault CAN Clip OBD diagnostic tool software has upgraded to newest 2015 V145 in
Software version: V145

V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic system new features and functions:
1.See all the information relating to the vehicle
2.Computer test
3.Automatic test of all computers
4.Airbag test
5.Ccantool (OBD tests)
6.Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
7.Physical measurements
9. Multimeter

V145 Renault CAN Clip support language:
English, German, Brazil, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania and Swedish

Computer configuration:
Windows XP SP2 / SP3 operating system
American English as a default system language
Software has to be installed on C: //, and C: // must have at least 10GB free space

Two version V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic systems are available in aobd2shop, SP19-A and SP19-B.

According to customers’ feedback, Renault Can Clip V145 SP19-A has better quality than SP19-B. This does not mean SP19-B is not good quality. SP19-B cost less than SP19-A. More money enjoys better quality.

V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software installation Video

Step-by-step MPPS V16.1.02 ECU chip tuning software Installation

MPPS ECU chip tuning tool software has newly upgraded to latest V16.1.02. The new version MPPS V16.1.02 adds more vehicle model ECU type possibility.

Here is the step-by-step MPPS V16.1.02 ECU programmer software installation instruction:
1) The default system of MPPS V16.1.02 is Windows XP O / S and set system language as American English.

2) Extract MPPS V16.1.02 zip file to the desktop

MPPS V16-1MPPS V16-2
3) Cut MPPS folder and paste it to Local Disk (C : )

MPPS V16-3
4) Open MPPS file on Local Disk (C) and send MPPS setup driver to desktop (create shortcut)

MPPS V16-4
5) Wait the system detects the hardware wizard Select second option:. “Install form a specific list or specific location” Advanced “”, then click “Next” to continue.

MPPS V16-5
6) Choose search and installation options from “Included this location in the search” Browse and locate Local Disk (C:.) >> MPPS >> Device Driver >> Click OK

MPPS V16-6
7) MPPS V16.1.02 software driver is saved to C: // MPPS Device Driver

MPPS V16-7
8) Click “Next” and “Finish” when Wizard completes
9) Open My Computer >> Manage >> Device Manage >> Universal Serial Bus controller >> Amt Flash

MPPS V16-8
10) Open “Shortcut to Mpps” driver on the desktop

MPPS V16-9
11) Select vehicle make, vehicle model and select ECU type, Click ECU Id (F1)

MPPS V16-10
12) The vehicle ECU data will display on the “ECU Data” area. Click “Write (F3)”

MPPS V16-11
13) After complete write ECU, exit the program.

Available To Get More Preferential MB SD C4 Plus Dell D630 Laptop

Now, you are available to get product fix (MB SD C4 and Dell D630 Laptop) with a much preferential price — US $ 657.99. Additionally, the customer service will install and activate it for you before shipping if you buy the product. As being this case, you can directly use when you receive.
We all know that MB star series product is the most powerful diagnostic tools for Mercedes Benz. Among them, MB SD C4 is the most representative one that has now been updated to the newest V2014.12.
Therefore, you really do not miss the change to get one for yourself, or even for your workshop still never equip with Here given highlights for this product fix.:
1. Nice compatibility
Equipped laptop makes sure better compatible with MB SD C4 diagnostic tool.
2. Free installation and activation
3. More Preferential Price
Here offered a video on how to solve MB SD C4 WIFI problems for your reference:
Any info you need has been offered on OBD2 tools, you can inquire customer service for help.

How To Check Codes Without A Code Reader

To any and all that might be interested, you can save yourself a trip to the local parts store and check codes at home. Find yourself a watch with a second hand and do the following …

— Make sure car has been off for at least 15 minutes.
— Turn ignition switch to ‘ON’, not running
— Wait 3 seconds
— In the next 5 seconds, fully depress and release gas pedal 5 times
— Wait 7 seconds.
— Depress gas pedal and hold down
— Watch SES (Service Engine Soon) light, it will start blinking
— You can release gas pedal at this point

The SES light will blink out the codes that are stored in the memory. They all have a 4 digit number. The first digit of each code always blinks slow, followed by a short pause, quick blinks for second digit, short pause, quick blinks for third digit, short pause, and quick blinks for final digit. If more than one code is stored, the computer will blink each in numerical succession until done (it starts over at that point).

Couple of notes on the blinking …

— Ten blinks for any digit = ’0′, zero
— Code ’0000′ means all clear
— Add a ‘P’ in front of the code number when searching for results

The codes can be cleared (and SES light turned off) from the computer while in this diagnostic mode. While the SES light is blinking, simply depress and hold the gas pedal for at least 10 seconds, release pedal, start car. The SES light will go off and stay off if problem does not persist in car, or if repair was completed.

It is the fact that all the fault codes can be easily erased via the methods mentioned above, while you still can do it yourself only via obd2 fault code scanners, such as Creator C110, Autel MaxiCheck ABS / SRS reset tool and more on obd2 shop .

V143 Renault CAN Clip Download and Installation Tips

The newest V143 for Renault CAN Clip has already been launched, while I found that there still has someone who does not know where to download and suffer from problems during the installation.

Here my share might be what you really need as follow:
Renault CAN Clip V143 download:

Note: Download them all first, then right click them all and unzip them all, only do like this, can they work.

Renault CAN clip V143 Install instruction:
Before you start your installation, please do the following steps:
1. Uninstall ANY previous “OLD” Version from V116 and BACK Renault CAN-Clip if you have.
(IF ALL READY you have ANY Version from V117 -> & UP, just you can make an Update with this LATEST Release …)

Note: If you make an update and you got the message about “NOT Clip Platform”, just re-apply the “Crack Renault CAN-Clip.reg!” And then move on Clip it will tell you “1st Installation”, but. DO NOT worry!
Just continue as usual …

2. If you make your first Installation: Run the “! Crack Renault CAN-Clip.reg” 1ST OF ALL!
After these steps done, install now this NEW Renault CAN-Clip Version.

Note: Manage about the Language that you want to use, to have ALL READY configured your Regional & Language Settings in your Control Panel Eg:. You want to install & to use your Clip with Greek Language Then use Greek Language in your Regional &. Language Settings in your Control Panel in: Regional Options (2x options) & in Advanced (1x option).

After installation finish your PC will reboot automatically.

If when you log-on on your Windows the Setup NO start again automatic for to finish 1x last step, browse your DVD / Image and run again the Setup.exe! In some seconds you will notice 1x Message about Successful Installation.

If you are keen on more info about this Renault CAN Clip V143, please check on

Solved Volvo S80 Engine Idling Rough

My workshop received a Volvo S80 with more than 200,000 km a couple days ago. According to the customer’s description, the engine idle was rough all the time.

Fault code diagnosis:
The running speed was about 1400r / min when I startup the car, the engine ran at rough idle. And then I used Volvo Vida Dice 2014A to read the trouble code. It showed that something wrong with air throttle.

The following possible reasons are inferred from the problem:
1) Air throttle was so dirty.
2) Air throttle was damaged.
3) The wire harnesses of air throttle had problems.
4) Engine ECM was damaged.

To begin with, I took out the air throttle. After finish cleaning, I used the diagnostic tool Volvo Vida Dice 2014A to read the trouble code. It still showed that air throttle had problems.

Vida Dice
Then, I used multimeter to measure the resistance of air throttle.
# 1- # 2 was 1.4? (the standard value is 1.2 ~ 3.5?)
# 2- # 3 was 1368? (the standard value is 1000 ~ 1500?)
# 2- # 6 about 820? when closing the air throttle. About 1580? when it opened completely.
# 2- # 5 about 1480? when closing the air throttle. About 500? when it opened completely.

They were all normal. Therefore, the first two reasons can be deserted.

I found out the circuit diagram from diagnostic tool. And I tested the wire harness. I wanted to know whether the wire harnesses are workable3, which were between the plug of air throttle and engine control module. The results showed that six harnesses can work.
So, harnesses had no problems.

Next, I used multimeter to measure the voltages of air throttle plug terminals. The results showed that the voltages were normal.

Then I tested the wire harnesses of air throttle carefully. I found that the harnesses were twined by gummed tapes. I took out the tapes. And found that two harnesses were twined together. When the engine temperature got higher or the engine was shaking, the voltage of these two harnesses increased. It caused the signal difference. That was why engine ran at rough idle.

Trouble shooting:
I welded the two harnesses again. I started the car again which is in normal work. Trouble was figured out via Volvo Vida Dice 2014A.

Tutorial On How To Use V3.6 Creator C110 Scanner

Creator C110 is a high-performance code reader that mainly designed for BMW vehicles from 2000 to 2008. Until now, it has been available to the latest version 3.6, and here I would like to demonstrate how to erase fault code via Creator C110 scanner?
1. Insert the car key into keyhole, but Do Not start the vehicle ignition or switch on electrical system.
2. Connect the Creator C110 main interface to the BMW obd2 diagnostic socket located beneath the dashboard and steering column.
3. After being well connected with vehicle, turn on Creator C110 ignition switch.

Creator C110
4. Turn on BMW key, operate step-by-step followed by the C110 screen instruction and then come to the diagnostic program. C110 start to detect vehicle ECUs.
5. The fault code will display on the C110 screen. Select “clear error code” button. If a message reading “Fault code is erased” means that the error code has been successfully cleared.

Creator C1101
6. If the error code did not be cleared successfully, try to record the error codes on the paper.
7. As for the detailed problem to each recorded fault code, you can inquire professional mechanics, or even via search engine online etc. After figure out what the fault codes related to, and then try to find out solution for the problem.

For more info, please pay close attention to Aobd2shop.

My Review On The Key Pro M8

Whether for adding keys or making new keys, there is no doubt that The Key Pro M8 is doomed to be your best choice on the basic of its powerful function and high efficiency.

And now Aobd2shop offer you this MVP Pro M8 with more preferential price — US $ 1599.00. I was recommended to use under the recommendation of my engineer friend when I was badly in need to find an auto key programmer for my garage use. Here let’s come to have a review on it.

The Key Pro M8

The newest software version of Key Pro M8 is V11.13

Technology Highlights
1. Support vehicles globally from the basic keys to proximity and smart keys programming;
2. With simplicity in mind, guide users through various processes for key programming and remote key programming;
3. High quality and cost-effective make it stands out from the crowd.

How to unlock key pro M8:
1. Send your serial number and password to Aobd2shop customer service when it locked.
2. Give customer service the unlock ID to get back the unlock code.
3. Input the unlock code to unlock your MVP M8 Key Programmer.
4. Copy the file in the CD to the computer.
5. Connect the device to the power supply, and then power up the device, connect the device to the computer via USB and install the driver.
6. Run M8 Tool.exe, download the software you need to the MVP M8 Key Programmer.

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How to Install GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool

GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for most Hyundai vehicles from 1996 to now including all Hybrid cars. GDS provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information. And now buy it. You can get NEW kia GDS software free.

How to install GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool?
1. Here is the video link:
2. Some simple explanation for GDS VCI Installation.
1). First install Hyundai DVD. Open “setup”, input the dealer code:NDA001
2). Install Microsoft office word viewer 2003
3). Adobe reader 8 set up
4). Select PC type page, and next visual c++ 2008 install
5). Kia master DVD. Same operation as before.
6). Kia update DVD.