Tacho Pro Plus 2008 July Version FAQ

Q1: When I use TACHO PRO to lower mileage for 2006 Jetta, 2004 Mazda and Toyota Corrolla 98, I got error “No connection”, then what cables should I use to work with these cars? How to do?
A1: In the TACHO PRO mainframe, after the car model is selected, it will display 3 ways to program mileage, including: OBD diagnostic socket, remove dashboard and remove chip, and after one way is selected, it will prompt which adapter to use.

Q2: Can I update Tacho Pro 2008 July version? Can Tacho Pro 2008 be connected with the computer?
A2: 1) No, Tacho Pro 2008 can’t update, after power on, don’t select “Update”. 2) Do not connect with the computer. Otherwise, the screen will display “Reset” as shown bellow, then the Tacho Pro 2008 mainframe need to back to us for repair.

Q3: Does it need password when the Tacho pro 2008 power on?
A3: No, it doesn’t need.

Q4: I have car 02 escalade, and when I connect Tacho Pro 2008 July plus to the car, it prompts to enter Clip Number on the EEprom 95020 and then click to confirm.
A4: To find out eeprom 95020 chip in the dashboard.

Q5: Does Tacho Pro 2008 July version contain repair kit?
A5: No, it does not.

Q6: Can Tacho Pro 2008 July version change mileage for Mercedes Benz truck?
A6: No, it can’t, Tacho Pro 2008 can’t work with truck.

Renault Can Clip V142 Latest Renault Diagnostic Tool FAQ

Q1: Renault Can Clip all four indicator light flash, but when I enter the diagnosis menu, the CAN indicator light off and can’t establish connection, while the other three ones go on flashing. What should I do?
A1: there are two solutions:
1) try to install the software on a laptop (PC), no connection with power.
2) Try to diagnose K-line protocol car, if it works, but can’t diagnose CAN BUS car, advice you return back to us for check.

Q2: Renault CAN CliP V127 used to work, but after I reinstall the software, it always displays an error message reading “You must register your clip”
A2: It also needs to register after you reinstall the software, this error picture suggest that you did not install the software properly, please watch Renault can clip video in the “Video” column, the video shows step-by-step install Renault Can clip.

Q3: How can I change English into French?
A3: When install the software, you can select the French, but after you complete installation you cannot change the language. So, you have to uninstall the software and reinstall it, during installation, select language French.

Q4: I try to open Renault can clip CD in several different computers, nothing in the CD.
A4: Check whether it has the carving trace at the back of CD, or if the CD Boot Sector is broken.

Q5: I try to install the CAN clip software on different computers, but it always shows me this error reading “SPX CLIP Registration Client” as the following picture shows.
A5: Please follow our video or PDF instruction to correctly step-by-step install the software, and also install the software on the computer with XP operation system, better American English Professional version system.

Q6: Does Renault Can clip work with Renault Megage 2 Phase 2 2008-2010? Can it read out and set Wheel valve information? Can make key and support wiper blade?
A6: Renault CAN clip only support diagnosing, it can’t make key.

Q7: Connected to the car and four lights are lit Prompted for this content: 5800 window, units of measurement appear 104Error 5800: Please check the power supply is connected, the normal connection indicator light red flashes. If it is any problem of these two situations: reconnect, wait about 10 seconds before verification.
A7: Please follow the next two instructions to solve the problem:
1) The installed software can’t run in your computer system stably, there is no communication between the software and the device.
2). the computer USB interface does not work, try to use another one.

Q8: Does Renault CAN Clip support analyze and test the status of Renault Megane II 2003 year up, and test the switch of electric windows.
A8: yes, it can do.

Q9: When I try to program with Renault CAN Clip, no communication, what’s the problem?
A9: Renault CAN Clip we supply only support diagnosis, not support programming.

Q10: How to install Renault software?
A10: when you install the software, firstly please exit the antivirus software, and you’d better install it on the computer with XP system, then follow our instruction and video to install Renault CAN Clip driver.

Q11: Renault can clip crack steps:
After Installation finish, DO NOT run your CLIP!!!
1) Replace the original file (firstly backup your original RSRwin.exe)
with the RSRwin.exe file in C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application\
2) Then run RSRwin.exe, choose “Register me now” and in the next window select “No”!
3) Use this Key for Registration:333DEF-111DEF-111DEF-222DEF-221DEF-000DEF
It will work until 31/12/2020
4) Recover the original RSRWin.exe
5) run update 122

Q12: Can it do my car NENAULT of 1995? Thanks.
A12: Yes, it can do Renault cars before 1996, but please tell me your car information in details, and then I can check for you!

Super MB STAR Updater v3.0 Install Guide

How to get new version v3.0
1. Upgrade directly from Super MB STAR Updater v2.0.0.1
2. Download from Super MB STAR Offical website http://www.supermbstar.com/update/
3. Contact with your local dealer to get the upgrade installation software

1. After get the new version of Super MB STAR Updater V3.0, please insert the USB Key, and then install this software in Super MB STAR OS. (Do not install in your local HDD)
2. Un-zip it on the Super MB STAR Desktop, double click to run choose the language, and click [OK]

3. Click [Next], as shown below

4. Setting the installation path, click [Next] as default install path.

5. Create desktop icon is necessary, click [Next] as shown below

6. Click [Install] to start the installation after check everything alright.

7. Software requires user install Microsoft Visual C++, please click [Next] to continue.

8. Click [Install] to start installing visual C++

9. Click [Finish] to continue.

10. Click [Finish] to finish the installation of Super MB STAR Updater V3.0

ELM 327 Bluetooth

ELM327 Bluetooth devices provide an easy way to scan an OBD-II system for codes, read PIDs, and aid in diagnostics. These devices represent a low cost way for DIYers to tackle computer diagnostics, and they can even be useful to seasoned techs who find themselves away from their dedicated scan tools. However, there are a few ELM327 Bluetooth-related issues that it’s important to be aware of. Low-cost devices that include unauthorized ELM327 microcontroller clones often exhibit strange behaviors, and even legitimate hardware will fail to work with certain devices.

ELM327 Bluetooth Compatible Hardware
Scan tools that include an ELM327 microcontroller and a Bluetooth chip are capable of pairing with a wide variety of devices, but there are some important limitations. The primary devices you can use an ELM327 Bluetooth scan tool with are:

The primary exceptions are the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad due to the way that Apple handles the Bluetooth stack. Most generic ELM327 Bluetooth devices will fail to pair with Apple products, which means that Apple users are better off with USB and Wi-Fi ELM327 scanners. Jailbroken devices are a different matter, but there are a number of potential side effects and consequences with jailbreaking.

In some cases, other smartphones can also have issues pairing with certain ELM327 Bluetooth scanners. This is typically due to problems with unauthorized, cloned microcontrollers that don’t have up to date code.

Pairing ELM327 Bluetooth Devices
Aside from the situations outlined above, pairing ELM327 Bluetooth devices with smartphones, tablets, and PCs is typically a simple procedure. The most common steps are:
–Plug the ELM327 Bluetooth device into the OBD-II port
–Set the smartphone, tablet, or laptop to “scan” for available connections
–Select the ELM327 scan tool
–Input the pairing code

In most cases, the documentation that comes with an ELM327 Bluetooth scanner will include the pairing code and any special instructions that differ from that basic outline. If no documentation is included, some common codes include:

If those codes don’t work, other sequential sets of four numbers are sometimes used.

Newest Mini ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 V1.5

MINI ELM327 bluetooth ELM327 is the newly developed wireless scan tool. It supports all OBD-II protocols.Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL (“Check Engine” light)

MINI ELM327 Bluetooth Features:
Works with all OBD-II compliant vehicles
Wireless (Bluetooth)
Software included for Palm, PDA
Software included for Windows PC
Software included for Windows Smartphone
Supports ISO 9141, KWP2000
Supports SAE J1850
Supports CAN bus

MINI ELM327 Bluetooth Functions:
–Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).
–Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL (“Check Engine” light)
–Display current sensor data, including:
–Engine RPM
–Calculated Load Value
–Coolant Temperature
–Fuel System Status
–Vehicle Speed
–Short Term Fuel Trim
–Long Term Fuel Trim
–Intake Manifold Pressure
–Timing Advance
–Intake Air Temperature
–Air Flow Rate
–Absolute Throttle Position
–Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
–Fuel System status
–Fuel Pressure
–Many others…

Newest Toyota Denso Intelligent Tester IT2 V2014.10 for Toyota and Suzuki

2014.10V Toyota Denso Intelligent Diagnostic Tester-2(DST-2) for Toyota Lexus and Suzuki is a touch screen tool that enables you to diagnose control system for engines, ABS and airbag, even through CAN-diagnosis communication.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Toyota IT2
1. Software Version: 2014.10 Software For Toyota Software For Suzuki
2. Supported Languages: English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Chinese
3. Update By Card, you can buy the latest card SO147
4. Support Vehicle: Toyota and North America Area Suzuki
5. Computer System Requires: Windows XP system

Toyota Denso IT2 Function:
1. All type of Toyota(made after 1996) and Lexus included read code, clear code , data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function. And it also supports OBD-II.
2. CAN communication Diagnosis DST-2 realizes more accurate diagnosis through CAN communication that speed is 50 times faster than conventional.
3. Easy operation on LCE display with touch panel 5.7 inch full color display with touch panel assists an easier operation
4. Voltmeter and Oscilloscope not only communication basis diagnosis (Diagnostic code, ECU data monitor, Active test), but also voltmeter and oscilloscope detect alteration in the electric signal to find out the troubling part.
5. Data recording to your PC saved data such as data-list can be downloaded to your pc

Q1: is Toyota Denso IT2 with CF card?
A1:yes, Toyota IT2 is with CF card, there is a CF card slot at the back of Toyota IT2 main unit. When you use the main unit, please do not take it off, CF card is used to store the tested result. Please refer “Toyota ITS2 Names of the Parts”.

Q2:Is this new and with the oscilloscope too?
A2: Yes, it is with oscilloscope .

Q3: Can i use this product to do airbag coding?
A3: Yes,you can.It can do airbag coding and simple ecu programming.

Q: How many pieces of card in the package of Toyota IT2?
A: There are 3pcs of cards: Toyota card, Suzuki card and one blank card for backup, as for the software version, please pay attention to our newest notice.

Q: Does TOYOTA IT2 have touch-screen calibration?
A: yes, it has. The touch-screen calibration is optional in the menu bar.

Q: Which tool can make key and program ECU for Toyota 2010-2012?
A: Advice you use Allscanner IT3, Toyota IT2 and X-VCI Toyota.

Q: Can Toyota intelligent tester IT2 read smart key information?
A: Toyota it2 can program key but can’t read smart key information.

Original Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Odometer Correction Master

Digimaster 3 also is called Digimaster III or shortly D3 is new developed odometer correction master. It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc

Top 8 Reasons to Get Digimaster III
1. Latest Version: 1.8.1407.14
2. Support Language: English
3. Update: Online Update
4. Original Yanhua Brand. with High Quality
5. 200 Tokens Coming for Newer and High-End Cars for Free
6. It contains a high performance hardware platform which takes high-speed CPLD and the ARM11 processor as the core technology
7. It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc
8. It contains the advanced technology of programming new keys for BMW and Benz, CAS-BDM reading/writing and resetting; 35080V6 erasure etc. large numbers of pictures and particular description makes your operation pleasant

Digimaster III Main Function
Odometer correction
Audio decoding
Airbage reset
ECU programming
PIN Code Reading
BMW key programming

Special Feature
1.Support OBD-II interface odometer adjustment of Volkswagen, Audi, Benz, BMW and BMW 7 Series models: E65 CAS and the 2009 Audi A6L and Q7.
2.Read BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3 data by CAN interface.
3.Online reading BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3/ 3+/ 4, Mercedes-Benz EIS EEPROM and FLASH data by BDM.
4.Support the Mercedes-Benz S, C, E, odometer and EIS adjustment; Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and other European luxury cars odometer adjustment; Chinese domestic car MCU and engineering machinery odometer adjustment;
5.Support the MOTOROLA/FREESCALE series CPU (including some CPU flash) data read and write.
6.Support key programming for Mercedes Benz and BMW series cars.

Super Mb star C3 Newest Version Add More Functions

Super MB STAR is one of the best after-market tools for Benz diagnostic, coding/programming in the world, it is also an up-to-date tool for online upgrade directly, work with any laptops, compatible with Windows7/XP/VISTA/2000/Mac/Linux operation system, software including Xentry for new released C204/ C205/ CLA117/ GLC156/ E207/ E212, ect., which are able to work with Benz cars, trucks, Sprinters, Vans, Smart, Cobus, FUSO, BHARATBENZ, FOTON, etc.

Highlights & Notice:
1. Software Version: 2014.03
2. Supported Languages: English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Korean/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Finnish/ Danish/ Japanese/ Swedish/ Turkish/ Polish/ Hungarian/ Czech/ Dutch/ Chinese
3. Update: On Super MB Star Official Website One Year For Free
After one year charges 300USD/year for updating or 50usd/time. After you get charged, please update within 24 hours, or it may be invalid .
4. Hardware And Software Requirements:
Hardware requires at least Intel Celeron/Pentium 2.0GHz, 2G RAM, USB 2.0 recommended and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 latest service pack installed.
5. If you buy the software for all computers, please use it on the computer with COM Port, it is more stable than the connection by PCMCIA Card.
6. RS232-RS485: 6.5m now

New features of Super MB Star C3 09/2013:
–Password Letter verification of your Super MB STAR Online
–No need to active EPC/WIS any more, double click the icon then use it
–New cars of C-Class 205, CLA117, GLC156, B 246, CLS 218, SLK172, BHARATBENZ, CLC 171, etc., are released in this version
–Online SCN Coding/offline SCN Coding/offline coding are all available with this new version
–New function WIS and EPC DATACARD is added
–The car PL67 (01-2013 Version) is added to Benz price list
–Online updater client platform STAR Updater V3.0.0.1 for users’ easier upgrade.
–Support the hardware quick self-test and the software to be quickly recovery
–FDOK Key Calculator (Optional)
–Adjust truck Speed Limitation function (Top version only)
–SBC Reset function (Top version only)
–SBC Special function Password Removed (Top version only)
–A/C, SRS Special function Password Removed (Top version only)
–TV Activation function (Top version only)
–Clean ASSYST plus Memory (Top version only)
–W221 W216 Instrument Cluster AMG Style (Top version only)
–Enable tank info & L/100KM into KM/L W211 (W203) (w221) and more (Top version only)
–Airbag ECU unlock function (Top version only)
–DPF Regeneration (Top version only)
–No need password when you choose special function in DAS of W204 (Top version only)
–Diagnostic W204 /W207/ W212 by DAS Directly (Top version only)
–Start HHT Win from desktop icon directly, no need start from DAS.
–Offline Coding key provide service. (Top version only)

What to do If ELM327 Bluetooth and your smartphone match fails

If your ELM327 Bluetooth scanning device fails to pair with your smartphone, there are a number of potential causes. The first step you should take is to try alternate pairing codes. After that, you can try to pair the scanner with a different device. Some faulty cloned ELM327 microcontrollers have trouble connecting to certain devices, and you may find that your scanner pairs just fine with a laptop while it refuses to connect to your phone.

Another thing that can cause a failed pairing is the length of time that the scanner remains discoverable. Most ELM327 Bluetooth scanners become discoverable as soon as you plug them in, but they stop being discoverable after a specific amount of time. If you make sure to perform the pairing operation within one minute of plugging the scan tool into the OBD-II jack, there shouldn’t be an issue.

If your scan tool still won’t pair, then you probably have a faulty unit. This is the primary reason that it’s a good idea to stay away from cheap, cloned scanners and to buy your scanner from a retailer that will stand behind defective products.

What to Do if You Can’t Read OBD-II Codes

OBD-II codes can give you a quick diagnosis for car issues, but what do you do when you can’t read the OBD-II codes. Learn how to retrieve the OBD-II codes to get your car up and running.

1.Fix Any Blown Fuses to Read OBD-II Codes
The most common cause of not being able to read OBD-II codes is a blown fuse. To locate your car’s fuse box. The location is in your owner’s manual. This one’s underneath the hood. Lift the cover and find your ECM fuse you can check it with a test light. Hook the test light up and it’ll light. Go to the ECM fuse, there’s two little metal tabs check both sides. If the fuse is blown, one side will light the other side will not.

2.Attach Scanner to Find the OBD-II Code
Now that we’ve fixed our we can hook up the scanner we can retrieve the codes. Most OBD-II connectors are right under the dash. Now that your scanner is connected scroll down to OBD codes, read codes and your scanner will hook up to your car’s computer and the code will come out. This code is a 442 for an evaporated emission control system leak. That’s a very common because all the lines underneath your car are made of plastic and rubber and they’ll crack from time to time , As we found with this car, the most common cause is a blown fuse. That would have to be taken to a service station. For About.com, I’m Vinny O’Dare.