Newly Released V2.8.2 VVDI VAG Software Free Download

Aobd2shop has now newly released software V2.82 for VVDI VAG diagnostic interface. With VVDI IMMO tool, you can do a full range of diagnostic work, especially key programming and mileage correction for VAG vehicles.

VVDI VAG diagnostic interface-1
VVDI VAG Commander Software V2.82 Free Download:

VVDI VAG diagnostic interface-2
Note: Please disable / uninstall anti-virus software before download this software.

Newest V2.8.2 VVDI VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface Advantages: (2015-03-25)
1. This version needs the newest firmware support;
. 2. Add Update programming function Support flash unit with frf, sgo, odx files;
3. Update autodetect 4th immobilizer and fix bug for immobilizer data tool;
4. Bugfix;

VVDI VAG Commander Technical supports:

1. How to connect VVDI VAG commander to car?

2. Video for VVDI Identification 4D Chip Function:

Vectra C 3 Button PCF7946 precode

Post a picture of correct precode for PCF7946 Vectra C 3 button.

hitag 2.3.1 programmer-1

hitag 2.3.1 programmer for vectra c

[Quote] hitag for vectra c [/ Quote]
This is ok, but read-ed as pcf7936, for proper remote must select pcf7946 and from picture user page 2 & 3 rewrite on RCF & sync page on 7946.

hitag 2.3.1 programmer-2

Question and Answer on Vectra C 3 Button PCF7946 precode
Q: After writing remote data is no more visible.Is that normal?
A: it isnt normal … must see sync & rcf page, only if you set cfg byte on page3 different

Q: Just found out, if is because TMCF byte is 0E and not 06.If it is 06 then pages are visible.
Can anyone confirm coolsoda precode works?
A: thats byte about i talking, first in page3, in pcf 7936 that 06 password mode, if 0e thats crypto mode, but on pcf 7946/7 you can see what exactly switch … work for sure if rcf & sync are as last 2 pages on coolsoda picture, tried many times …

Finally, confirming Coolsoda precode works. Coolsoda precode works with TMCF byte set as 0E, direct as Coolsoda

Diagnose 2002 325i using Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6

In the following parts, I have issue with my BMW 325i 2002, then used Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6 to read out trouble codes, then how to do next? Go on reading as follows.

Car information:
BMW 325i 2002

-intermittently Stalling at low speeds / RPM for instance driving in traffic, parking lots, or drive thrus (car starts up right after and runs fine)
-Slight Rumbling from engine after excessive idling
-loss of power and lagging when trying to accelerate RPM will rise but the car goes almost nowhere. Sometimes if i take my foot off the pedal and press down again it will catch itself and accelerate like normal, other times i need to pull over and restart the car and it will run fine.

Equipment to use:
Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6

Trouble codes read out via Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6:
-F2 Misfire cylinder 5
-F1 Misfire cylinder 4
-08 Signal air mass flow sensor
-Cb Fuel trim bank 1 control limit
-Ca Fuel trim bank 1 control limit
-E4 Fuel trim bank 2 permissible range exceeded
-E3 Fuel trim bank 2 permissible range exceeded
-8c Output stage fault mtl pump

A pro BMW specialist advised tips:
You need a smoke test of the intake system. It’s 90% certain that you have significant intake / ccv system leaks, which are causing your fuel trim codes, as well as your MAF code. Certainly, the other 10% will point to a bad MAF. You can watch live data for the MAF, on a good BMW diagnostic computer, to see if it’s providing correct readings. If you have an aftermarket oiled air filter, it is 10 times more likely that the MAF is bad, because oil kills MAFs.

EDIT: Oh, throw in a new set of NGK BKR6 EQUP spark plugs ,, and swap the two coils from the misfiring cylinders to other cylinders, to establish whether the misfires follow the coils.

DOUBLE-EDIT: Your DTML pump is not working correctly This stands for “Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage” It monitors whether the fuel tank or evaporative emissions system has an AIR leak For this code especially, clear codes and check all fuses,… see if code returns. If it does, check electrical plug under right rear corner, EVAP system, and look for signs of rodent damage.

If you want to do DIY smoke test, I’m sorry, but there is no DIY for a smoke test. This requires a professional smoke machine, capable of maintaining a constant pressurized smoke for ten minutes or so. I tried very hard to make my own smoke machine several times, and ended up paying ~ $ 1000 for a machine. No matter how many rastafarians you know, you can not duplicate the machine …. trust me. (Yes, I tried the glowplug, and the vaporizer too …. the problem is consistent low pressure, high volume air). A pro BMW specialist independent shop will likely charge about 50 bucks.

Modify ELM327 to add the HS / MS CAN switch

ELM327 works with HS CAN from the stock, because Ford HS CAN completely matches to the OBD2 standards It occupies pins 6 and 14. MS CAN bus occupies pins 3 and 11. The picture below illustrates the thing (ATTENION:. The OBD2 jack on the picture means vehicle one, “female” The adapter’s one is “male”, so it is “mirrored” Pins are often mixed up because of this Always note pins’ numbering of the adapter’s jack!)

The simplest way to implement the MS CAN support is to add a switch that will shift between MS / HS CAN The scheme below explains the modification (ATTENION:.. The OBD2 jack on the picture means vehicle one, “female” The adapter’s one is “male”, so it is “mirrored” Pins are often mixed up because of this Always note pins’ numbering of the adapter’s jack!)

Purchase a 6 pin mini-switch of ON-ON type (for example, MTS-202-A2) in any shop that sells electronic components, also prepare a wire

Disassemble ELM327 (for majority of china clones – carefully remove the label that hides 4 screws, unscrew them)
Find a place for the mini-switch (most complex part of the whole operation for some devices that are extremely compact)
Unsolder wires from pins 6 and 14 of the OBD2 jack and solder them to the 2 middle pins of the mini-switch
Solder 2 new wires from 2 outer mini-switch pins to pins 6 and 14 of the OBD2 jack
Solder 2 other new wires from 2 other outer mini-switch pins to pins 3 and 11 of the OBD2 jack
Check the work (it is very important to do not mix CAN-L and CAN-H wires up!) And assembly the ELM327, mark the MS and HS can position on the device box to avoid confusion
Example of the modification for ELM327 USB plastic:


What ways to make corvette C7 louder?

Just want to start out by saying I already have the NPP exhaust fuse pulled so the baffolds stay open all the time, and I absolutely love the sound. I would be ok with keeping it like this. I am just wondering if there are any quick, legal ways to make the exhaust even louder than it already is (which is pretty loud)

1 – put an x-pipe on. Either the Borla or Corsa double helix. It will make it a little louder and change the sound some. I did it, liked it, but not enough for me. I would do it again. A step in an overall exhaust build out process and reasonable.

2 – Do a muffler delete. I have not done this on the Stingray. Others have done it here on the forum. Not my recommendations due to drone but others are very supportive. Recommend doing research on sound / drone. I’ve done it other cars and the volume / drone was too much for me; IMHO. You cut the mufflers out and put in straight pipes and a set of tips. If you have NPP, you will need to zip tie the NPP valve actuators off to the side under the car to avoid throwing a check code.

3 – Aftermarket mufflers. With NPP, you need to decide if you want to maintain NPP functionality or not. That will significantly reduce your available selection if you want to keep NPP; supported by primarily BillyBoat Fusion and Borla dual mode (like Atak) systems only. If you don’t care about NPP support, you have all kinds of additional, cheaper options, in systems. If you go non NPP support route, you will need to zip tie the NPP valve actuators off to the side under the car to avoid throwing a check code. Second, maintain AFM functionality or not; there is more support for AFM (valve back) options. If you decide on a system that does not support the AFM valves, like NPP, you would need to zip tie those actuators off to the side also.

I went Borla dual mode Atak mufflers and combined up with the Corsa double helix x-pipe. The Borla (as well as BillyBoat Fusion) support AFM and NPP both.

4 – headers and a tune. There are long tube, shorties, catted,and non-catted options. However, even with shortie and cats, you will “most likely” need to also put a tune in to eliminate the probability of a check engine error light being thrown due to the location or non-existence of the cats that are monitored. Sound volume is reported to be much louder with this change even with the remainder of the stock exhaust in place, between the headers and tune you get a bigger bump in performance…

Another optional solution from one senior technician:
You don’t have to pull any fuse, if you go into the radio and set your driving preferences you can leave the valves open all the time.
As far making the car sound louder and really mean, install a set of headers on it. Our C7 has an awesome growl to it.
Headers replace the exhaust manifolds.


My car is a 14. I tested it yesterday the valves never closed, about the NPP valve.

I have a GM MDI diagnostic tool hooked up and there is no open or closure of the valves. Also if you unplug your NPP valves it does set a code for that. I have not been able to figure out when it activates the MIL light though. He code pops up immediately but it does not request the light. Mine light has gone off but was not logging when or what caused it to set the mil for the NPP valves. I have a customer who is also bringing his car in where he went with and exhaust system that removed the NPP and now he has thrown the mil light as well.

Tools to Reset SRS and Check Engine light for 1997 BMW 328ic

Need help on purchasing a Reset tool for SRS and Check Engine light. I think I have a bad gas cap for the check engine.

Tools to suggest
What’s your budget? The best bang for your buck is to get an older laptop with a serial port and install INPA. You’ll need an ADS interface to make it all work. Total cost should be about $ 150 or less. You’ll end up with a very robust tool that can be expanded (at almost zero cost) to work with almost any BMW.

C110 code reader
Get yourself a C110 code reader. Cost is low and they work very well. I’ve used the C110 with success on a couple vehicles now. It WILL read E36 / E34 OBD1 with varied / mostly success. It’s chinabay crap, so it connects to the OBD1 stuff probably ~ 80% of the time, but thats really good enough for me.

About BMW e36s round 20 pin port:
All e36s have the round 20 pin port in the engine bay. Does not matter where you live. This port can access all modules in the car. This includes the engine, ABS, auto tranny, srs, and all others. Programming and coding is done through this port. European e36s did not become OBD II compliant until 98 or 99.
The round port uses OBD I protocol. The scanner is using OBD II protocol. It’s like English and Russian. There is software available that will allow you to use both ports with a single program. BMW INPA is one. BMW C110 is another. They have to be configured correctly to use both ports and you need the correct cables to make it all work.

Someone said C110 code reader will not connect to the 20 pin diagnostic port in the engine bay it will not clear airbag codes in an e36. It’s not true, go to buy an adapter for less than $ 10 and it will clear air bag codes all day … (worked for me) The one in the pic is $ 7.99 on plus free shipping.

B800 airbag reset tool and Elm327 / Torque
I use the B800 tool for the airbags, and an ELM327 / Torque for engine codes.
These two devices have done their jobs well for me. Both can be bought for about $ 50 total (minus an android device to install torque on).

Common Rail System DTCs (Hiace 1KD_FTV, 2KD_FTV D4D)

The first code is that shown via an OBD code reader IE elm327 scan tool, the second code shown (in brackets) is shown via the engine check light.

P0045 (34) – Boost control solenoid circuit malfunction
P0087 (49) – Fuel rail pressure sensor or rail pressure too low.
P0088 (49) – Fuel rail pressure too high.
P0093 (78) – Fuel system leak (Large leak)
P0095 (23) – Intake air temperature sensor circuit (open / short / failure)
P0097 (23) – Intake air temp circuit low input.
P0098 (23) – Intake temperature sensor circuit high input.
P0100 (31) – Mass air flow meter or circuit (open / short / failure)
P0102 (31) – Air flow meter circuit low input.
P0103 (31) – Air flow meter circuit high input.
P0105 (31) – Manifold absolute pressure sensor circuit (short / open / failure)
P0107 (31) – Manifold absolute pressure sensor circuit low input.
P0108 (31) – Manifold absolute pressure sensor circuit high input.
P0110 (24) – Intake air temperature circuit (open / short / failure)
P0112 (24) – Intake air temperature circuit low input
P0113 (24) – Intake air temperature circuit high input.
P0115 (22) – Coolant temperature circuit (open / short / failure).
P0117 (22) – Coolant temperature circuit low input.
P0118 (22) – Coolant temperature circuit high input.
P0168 (39) – Fuel temperature too high.
P0180 (39) – Fuel temp sensor “A” (open / short / failure)
P0182 (39) – Fuel temp sensor “A” low input.
P0183 (39) – Fuel temp sensor “A” high input.
P0190 (49) – Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit (open / short / failure)
P0191 (49) – Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit performance / range
P0192 (49) – Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit input low.
P0193 (49) – Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit high input.
P0200 (97) – Injector circuit (open / short / failure)
P0234 (34) – Turbo over boost condition.
P0299 (34) – Turbo under boost condition.
P0335 (12,13) ??- Crankshaft position sensor circuit “A” (open / short / failure).
P0339 (13) – Crankshaft position sensor circuit “A” intermittent fault.
P0340 (12) – Crankshaft position sensor circuit “A” no signal after cranking.
P0400 (71) – EGR position sensor (valve out of position)
P0405 (96) – EGR position sensor low input.
P0406 (96) – EGR position sensor high input.
P0488 (15) – EGR throttle position sensor / motor / circuit fault.
P0500 (42) – Vehicle speed sensor “A” (open / short / failure)
P0504 (51) – Brake switch.
P0607 (89) – Control module fault (ECM internal fault)
P0627 (78) – Fuel pump control circuit (open / short / failure)
P1229 (78) – Fuel pump fail.
P1251 (34) – Turbocharger stepper motor circuit (intermittent fault)
P1271 – Fuel regulator circuit malfunction (open / short / failure).
P1272 – Fuel pressure regulator malfunction (simultaneously with P1271)
P1601 (89) – Injector correction circuit (E-prom)
P1611 (17) – ECM run pulse.
P2008 (58) – Intake manifold runner control circuit (open / short / failure)
P2120 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “D” (open / short / fail)
P2121 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “D” (range / performance)
P2122 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “D” low input.
P2123 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “D” input high.
P2125 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “E” (open / short / fail)
P2127 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “E” low input.
P2128 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “E” high input.
P2138 (19) – Throttle / pedal position sensor “D” and “E” voltage correlation.
P2226 (105) – ECM barometric pressure circuit.
P2228 (105) – ECM barometric pressure circuit low input.
P2229 (105) – ECM barometric pressure circuit high input.
U0001 (102) – ECM open or short.
B2799 (99) – Engine immobilizer malfunction.

Promotion Slica SBB Key Programmer V33 with Only US $ 69

As a universal key programmer, SBB key programmer supports a full range of vehicles with multi-language. Best price, professional technical service and to be user-friendly will be what you really appreciate.

Slica SBB Key Programmer V33

Now, Slica SBB Key Programmer V33 is within valid promotion period on Aobd2shop, only need US $ 69.00, additionally with sound after-sales service. Please do not miss!

How to use Silca SBB V33.02 immobilizer programmer to copy car key?
1. Make the Step.4 version is the latest, and have be self tested DIY, can working well;
2. Before running Silca key programmer, please insert the blank new key into your vehicle keyhole;
3. Turn ignition switch to position “on”, and confirm the battery of your vehicle is good;
4.Insert SBB car key programmer OBD-II 16pin Cables into your car OBD-II 16pin diagnostic seat;
5. Follow the prompts shown on the V33 SBB key programming tool screen;
6. You can set language button if you need different language operation interface;

SBB key programmer V33 supported car models:
Mainly covers the car models from 1996-2010 (but it depends on the specific car models)
There follows a link about its supported car models:

Mode Change:
Use Smart Card “Mode Change” (optional) to enable the software for a given machine. To do so, insert the Smart Card “Mode Change” into the SBB device before turning it on.

For more advanced user manual and operation following, pls read these free SBB auto key programmer document:

NCS Expert VO problems, what to do?

I’m working with INPA and NCS for some months. BMW INPA and NCS Expert work fine. Had no problems so far to code or read errors.

Now that I want to add an automatic trunk lid to my e38 in the vo, problems start. I tried several updates, versions etc. but still nothing is shown in the “baureihe” when i want to change the vo.

I tried EDIABAS 7.3.0, NCS 3.0.8, 3.1.0 and 4.0.1 with e38 v50.2 daten. Allways the same effect, nothing.

When I try to add it manual (baureihe e38, +316) an error is reported.

FA Error

Your car uses the zcs system for adding options to VO.06 Vehicle Coding Information (2013_05_08 01_46_21 UTC

Use BMW decoder to show the available options for your model, then enter your SA number, hit decode and the program will check the options currently fitted. Add or delete items by checking or unchecking them, then hit encode to recalculate the appropriate SA number. Use NCS expert to write the new SA number to the car.

Finally solved, was working with no problem.

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