How to install Tis2000 software and how to connect gm tech2 interface with computer

GM tech2 is a very popular diagnostic scanner. Below is some question asked by customers. Technician’s answer may help you using the GM tech2 easily.

Question one:
I installed the Tis2000 software on a VMware, my car is SAAB 2003, when I want to get the security code, the software show me a prompt “ ERROR! Registry access error” as following picture show. What’s the problem?
Tis2000 software
The error shows the driver software of USBKEY has not been installed successfully on your computer. You should notice the driver software CAN NOT be installed on Virtual Machine.

Customer Feedback: I install the driver software again on a new computer with Win XP, it is installed smoothly. After the installation finished, the error never show again.

Question Two:
After I installed the software of GM tech2 on win xp, I want to program ECU for my SAAB. But there shows a error, it says ” E2106: No connection with the handheld device”. Here is the error picture:
software of GM tech2
This error shows you did not connect your tech2 device with the computer. To solve this problem, you should connect your gm tech2 with computer by internet access. After they are connected, you can continue programming the ECU.

Customer Feedback: it is right. I connect the tech2 interface with computer by internet access, and i go on programming the ECU. All works fine now.

Questions and answers: Techline Terminal and pass-thru method when replace RCDLR

I need to replace the remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR) on my european C6.
According to the “GM Service Manual” it says: “Connect a scan tool to the vehicle using the pass-thru This method requires connecting the scan tool to the vehicle, Then connecting the Techline Terminals RS-232 cable to the scan tool.. ”
I have a GM Tech2 but someone would he know how can I get this “Techline Terminal” with Service Programming System software which I know nothing and also what means exactly “pass-thru method”?

Tech II is connected to a computer using TIS2000 software, hence the needed dongle cable from the Tech II (scanner) to the computer running TIS2000 (connected in on a RS232 port).

This allows you to download the needed programing from GM directly for the RCDLR in the first place via/to the computer running TIS2000, then push it through the tech II to program the RCDLR through the OBD II port once the RCDLR is mounted in the car.
Note: some have had luck with a USB dongle, instead of RS232 Tech II dongle cable, but don’t bank that you will have the same luck and best to have a computer that has a RS-232 port to run TIS2000 on.

I could buy a “TIS2000 software + USB dongle” for less than $15 in China. But I don’t know if it works really well. Furthermore, in the document ID1970254 -“Transmitter Programming (Canada and Europe)”, that is part of the RCDLR programming procedure (ID1676167), it says:
“Connect a scan tool to the vehicle in the pass-thru arrangement (TIS2000 will not work for this method).”
What do you think?

Important: Prior to programming per the information below, the Radio and HVAC Fuses MUST be removed and the ignition must be in “Key On Engine Off Mode” The radio and HVAC fuses can be located in the BCM fuse block on the passengers floor electrical center. One of the fuses is labeled RDO/S’BAND/VICS and the other is labeled HVAC/PWR SND.

Program the RCDLR with revised software using TIS-2-WEB “Pass Through” method. When programming, it is required to select “Replace and Reprogram ECU”.

Important: If the programming procedure does not finish successfully and the RCDLR appears to be in a “locked up” state do not turn off the ignition, follow the directions below…

The RCDLR can be reset by removing the RCDLR fuse (#11 in the UBEC) for at least 30 seconds or longer and then reinstalling it. Once this fuse is reinstalled in the UBEC, there will be a 2 minute window to restart the programming of the RCDLR through TIS2WEB. Failure to restart the programming of the RCDLR through TIS2WEB within 2 minutes may cause programming to fail and this procedure will need to be repeated. It is recommended that the Tech 2 remain connected to the vehicle and that the TIS2WEB application is open and ready to program the vehicle prior to reinstalling RCDLR fuse #11 into the UBEC.
Note: the op is using a tis2web disc to access the needed programing, instead of pulling it down over the web).
And again, As for the latest RCDLR updates, tis2web is needed for that to pull the needed program; unless you can get your hands on a tis-2-web legacy disc current enough for your car and there are not any updates from that point forward from the disc.

Experience with Volvo Vida Dice from

I always recommend people get their DICE unit from instead of AliExpress and EBAY. obd2express units all seem fine with helpful customer service. Mine shipped “free” from China in like 3 days.

If you have VIDA 2013D or 2014 then Vista or Win7 should be fine, either 32 or 64 bit. The installer might complain about not enough RAM but you can hack an INI file to change that check. In reality it runs fine in a VM with only 1.5GB of RAM if you install and run NOTHING ELSE.

Older versions of VIDA can run fine however I found that the DICE driver was only happy with 32 bit windows so that’s what I run right now, but I haven’t tried the newer stuff in quite some time.

But yeah, the nice thing about a dedicated laptop of VM is that you can pretty easily just install different versions of Windows until you find one that works fine.
Also, if you upgrade IE beyond IE8 you may have problems, though some people have said that the IE8 emulation mode on IE10 or 11 can work okay.

I just park my car in the driveway and let the engine run (idle) when playing with VIDA for more than a few minutes.
There are actually lots of things that require the engine running anyway (like the VVT test… hooo boy!)

I get the fun of figuring out how to keep from draining your battery while playing with the darn thing! There are some special car chargers out there that can operate in a “Power supply mode” for up to 7.5A of power that would allow you to be hooked up to the battery and keep from running it down so fast or at all (CTEK makes what looks like the best one for $110). DON’T use a regular battery charger! I’ve toyed with using a couple of battery booster boxes hooked up on parrallel to the car battery for this. The dealers apparently have a 25A or 30A Power Supply box (~$300) that can operate like this and also double as a mighty battery charger in various charger modes as well.

Using Volvo Vida Dice, besides diagnosing check engine lights and funky problems. I can do anything a dealer can do, basically. Even software downloads, though you’d need to actually buy a legit VIDA subscription for that. But beyond that, you can do anything a dealer can do “for free” (after initial one time investment in the DICE hardware).

OBDSTAR X100 Pro auto key programmer: old vs. new has newly extracted original X-100 pro auto key programmer manufactured by OBDSTAR tech. The new X-100 pro has a few good features comparing with XTOOL X-100+ and old X-100 pro.

?OBDSTAR X-100 pro vs. XTOOL X-100 pro:
OBDSTAR X-100 pro vs. XTOOL X-100 pro

?New X100 Pro vs. Old X100+
1) Inherited the overall look of the original X -100 +, changed the new silicone button, feel more comfortable
2) Adjusted the TF card slot position in mold, fit more tightly than previous generation, card plug will not go inside the machine
3) Software downloading speed is improved by more than 50%
4) New upgraded software operating system, added operating interactive prompt
5) High-capacity 4G TF card, more stable performance, never appear white screen
6) New design of PCB hardware, greatly improved configuration
More OBDSTAR X-100+ pro devices:

SDP3 truck diagnostic tool for Scania error solution

As well know, this SDP3 software cannot be updated online, new software is provided by U stick. When you install the software for SDP3 Scania, you meet error prompt like “The software in VCI is not the latest version, click OK to install new VCI software”, how to do?
When you install the software for Step 7 (setup 7), do not copy SMAPI.dll file to the installation dictionary of Disk C first. For other file please copy and replace “SCOMM_SSK.dat” and “SCOMM_SSK_HL.dll”, then connect the SDP3 with PC and your vehicles, then open this software and test.
If your laptop prompt you update, then copy and replace SMAPI.dll.

BMW MSV80 E93 change ecu with a used one using autohex

Ive done today BMW MSV80 on E93 , I changed the ECU with a used one . Read ISN from ECU and write it in CAS , all done by OBD and took only 15 minutes to finish the job.
Using original AUTOHEX from, I verified obd2express is the authorized agent of I bought it under its promotion.
This function lets you read DME/DDE ISN
2) Read/Write CAS ISN
3) Read EGS ISN
DME – ISN 128 bits, and important notes followed.
CAS ISN value has been calculated, including: CAS ISN and CAS SK.

How to install BMW Carsoft 6.5 + SP1 on WINDOWS XP

I have succeeded in making BMW Carsoft 6.5 SP1 work with my E36.

I am using the 20 pin diagnostic port under the hood as my vehicle does not have an OBDII port. I purchased my interface, which is marked “BMW compatible interface V6.5″ and has LED’s for Power, Service Interval, K-Line Pin 20, K-Line Pin 17 and L-Line Pin 15.
I purchased Carsoft 6.5 from a vendor named and downloaded SP1 direct from the Carsoft Web site.

Full instructions are followed.
The procedure EXACTLY for Windows XP is as follows:-

If you have EVER installed ANY version of Carsoft 6.5 before:-

1. Uninstal the program using the ADD/DELETE Programs function available from the Control panel via SETTINGS on the START menu.

2. Use the Explore function to open the Programs tab from the START menu and delete any CARSOFT folders

3. Use the SEARCH function from the START menu to look for any files or folders containing the word CARSOFT and delete them.

4. Search your Hard Drive for a folder named CM70 or CM75s and use EXPLORE to view its contents. If you have located the correct folder it will contain CARSOFT files with names like “AIRBAG1.DXT” – DELETE THE ENTIRE FOLDER.

5. Restart your computer and from the START menu go to PROGRAMS then ACCESSORIES and select SYSTEM TOOLS then SYSTEM RESTORE and create a new restore point.

6. Once the new restore point has been created, close out of the SYSTEM RESTORE Menu, then go back into ACCESSORIES via the START and PROGRAMS Menus and choose SYSTEM TOOLS then DISK CLEANUP. Select the MORE OPTIONS Tab and under “System Restore,” choose to Delete all but the most recent RESTORE Point and run the Disk Cleanup utility.

7. Open the “My Computer” Icon on the Desktop and right click on the Icon for your Hard Drive, then click “Properties”. Click on the “Tools” Tab when the Properties Dialogue Box opens and choose “Check now”. Two Dialogue boxes will appear asking if you want to check & repair files and scan the hard drive. Check both boxes then the START button. A message will appear telling you that this process can only be performed when the computer re-starts and asking you to confirm whether you wish this to occur. Confirm this request, then restart your computer. Dependent upon how many files you have stored and the size of the Hard Drive, the scanning process may take 2 -3 hours to complete after the system is restarted.

8. Temporarily disable any Anti-Virus or Spyware Programs that may be Running and use the setup program provided with the CARSOFTsoftware to install CARSOFT 6.5.

9. Install SP1 which will search out and install to the CARSOFT/BMW Folder that has been copied to your hard drive.

10. Open the CRACKS Folder and copy ALL of the files contained in the Folder (including Instructions) to the BMW folder located in the newly created CARSOFT program Folder on your Hard Drive. The easiest way to accomplish this is firstly to open the CRACKS Folder then left click on the first file it contains and then each subsequent file whilst holding down the SHIFT key until ALL of the files are highlighted, then choose COPY THESE FILES and when the Dialogue Box pops up, locate the BMW folder in the newly installed CARSOFT folder on your Hard Drive, left click on it and then click on the COPY button.

11. Once this process has been completed, use the EXPLORE function to view the files in the BMW Folder of the newly installed CARSOFTProgram. There will be 2 files with 6.5 Icons, labelled CARSOFT and CARSOFTBMW65. Delete the CARSOFT file and re-name CARSOFTBMW65 as CARSOFT.

12. Empty the deleted items from your trash bin and restart the system – CARSOFT 6.5.06 is now installed.

Remember to disable any anit-virus or Spyware programs prior to running the program

Working solution for Honda civic error code P0756

My 08 Has the check engine light on and the FLashing green Light next to D. The OBDII came back with P0756 Shift Solenoid B Performance or Stuck Off.
I had cleared the code on Saturday. It was fine until this morning when it came back.

Honda scanner I use:
HDS HIM V3.015.020 I bought from

PCM operates shift solenoid B to supply line pressure to shift valve B in the valve body. Bla bla bla…. PCM monitorsmainshaft and countershaft speeds to determine gear ratios…..
If an improper gear ratio is output at the time of a shift, the pcm figures the shift solenoid did not do its job and sets the code.

So….There’s drain the fluid through a strainer and check for metal and clutch debris steps already mentioned…
Then…See if the HDS scanner can make the valve click on command
Drive with the HDS and see if the self test passes or fails.

What I’m reading is mostly about trying to decide if the solenoid should be replaced or if the trans should be replaced.

Solenoid could be sticking, it’s teensy little filters could be clogged with debris, either of those could be caused by an internal trans failure, clutch wear/failure, or TCC wear/failure.
If the valve body (shift valve B) is having a problem that is causing the incorrect shifting, that’s an internal trans problem and a solenoid won’t fix it.

You need “clone-able” sensors not the OEM sensors. I just have my tire shop do it with new clone-able sensors on the various wheel sets and it has not been an issue.

How to Solve Kess v2 error “External exception EEFFACE”

There is a feedback from one of our customer, he said he replaced chip and reset tokens, then get connection error “External exception EEFFACE” as following picture shows:
What’s the reason?
You may connect the kess V2 with internet or make it online update, causing the interface destroyed/broken.

How to repair it?
Method 1:
Buy a new NPX Fix chip (or called CPU Repair Chip) with 60 tokens inside. Desolder the old NPX and change it with the new.
Note: NPX is out of stock in some sites now, because the newest KESS V2 has the NPX preinstalled on the machine.
Method 2:
you have to weld a connector on the backside of interface , and plug the J-link programmer to reset the Kess v2 to be virgin.
Note: the newest KESS V2 is packed with J-link V8 programmer, no need buy additional one.

Write Benz key with TM100 key programmer within 1 min

With powerful TM100 key programmer, locksmith can cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies. Here is a Benz key write example of TM100 V2.0. The process is quite simple with easy two steps, within 1 minute.

1)Loading dump file
Open TM100 key programmer software on the desktop
Select ?KeyMaker?tab
Select vehicle model: Mercedes Benz
Select vehicle type: car or truck
Select detail vehicle model: ML>>A/AM
Press ?Open Dump File?button on the next program
Locate folder and find out ML bin file, click ?Open?
Loading dump file is completed

2) Write Key
Press?Write Key?button, select key type
Follow the system prompt
Successfully write a Benz key

TM100 key programmer full version price has down a historical low price €1,586
SK154 TM100 Transponder Key Programmer with full 62 modules:
SK154-B TM100 key programmer with basic module: